Ways-to-achieve-your-personal-goals-this-yearIt’s now March, and the bloom may be off your New Year’s resolutions. You may have already given up on them, or goals in 2013. So what you do to get your goals back in focus? Here are some tips involving personal coaching:

Decide again what you want to do – and why

Having concrete, tangible reasons to your personal goals can help you stick to working on them, even when things are difficult. For example, if you need to lose weight, going to the doctor first and getting a look at your medical numbers – cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, as well as weight numbers – can give you a physical incentive. So can having your measurements taken. In addition, putting up a “before” photo in your house can give you some incentive to lose weight, as can putting up a picture of you back when you were thinner.

Another way to remind you of your goals is to write a list of them, and then break it down by what reasons you have to do them. For example, if you write down all the reasons you want to lose weight, including things like your health, quality of life, and simply wanting to look good, you can refer to those reasons to keep you on track the next time you get tempted by a chocolate cake or some bacon.

Prioritize your goals

You cannot do everything at once. So if you have a slew of personal goals, such as losing weight, redecorating your house, finding a significant other, writing a book, and making more money at your job, you might want to prioritize to the most important goal – the one that you need to get done first. If you try to do them all at once, you will dilute the power of your drive to accomplish the goals, and will spread yourself to thin. Start with one big goal, and take it from there.

Get some inspiration from friends, personal coaching experts, and the like

It is hard to go it alone when trying to achieve your goals. So looking for a support group for achieving your goals, whether online or in person, may give you some inspiration. So can talking with a personal coaching expert. Click here to learn more about how that works.