We all know how important it is to value our worth in the business world, but when it comes to valuing our own self-worth it can be a little more challenging.

Valuing your skills, the value you add to someone else’s business and life and the value you are worth to yourself is not an easy task. Most of us are too humble or lack confidence to acknowledge this.

The day that you begin to acknowledge your self-worth you can move forward with confidence, respect and allow your dreams and goals to come true.

You are a good person and you deserve good things in life. You have unique skills, talents and attributes that not only enhance your life but those of others. Being in tune with yourself, and understanding that self-worth is the opinion you have about yourself and the value you place on yourself, is the first step.

Discover your values – in other words know what it is that you value in your life. These values could be love, integrity, kindness, emotional intelligence, forgiveness and inner balance and harmony. The successes we celebrate in life are usually measured by our values. Make a note of what you value in life and what you treasure most and refer back to this in times where you may doubt yourself.

While it’s easy to place our values on superficial aspects of life such as how much money you make or how attractive you think you are to other people, determine your self-worth on your more substantial qualities and achievements.

I suggest writing down a list of all your attributes, your skills, your achievements, your life, and what makes you different. Next to them write down how they add value to other peoples’ lives – whether that be your employer, your clients, your partner, your children, your friends.

Once you appreciate and value your self-worth you can relax and enjoy being you. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and know you can achieve your goals because of the unique qualities, determination and skills you possess.

After you have defined to yourself what your strengths are, you will be confident about your traits, abilities and values. You will have a higher level of self-respect and have a standard set based on your values.

Once you know your self-worth, you will be able to celebrate your achievements and be empowered with the ability to make important decisions, improvements or changes. You will be in a better position to value your worth in all areas of life such as business (see my blog on valuing your worth in business).

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