You have likely heard of adjustable height desks that allow you to stand to work, but have you heard of walking while working on a treadmill? The initial reaction many people have when they first learn about treadmill desks is shock, intrigue and the gut reaction of “well wouldn’t that be too difficult?”

As the population continues to place high importance on health and fitness, more people realize the dangers of sitting or standing for too long in one position. To combat this, many offices have adopted the use of ergonomic furniture, such as more supportive chairs that help improve posture and blood circulation and the purchase of sit-stand desks that allow employees to change positions throughout the day. Now, another popular trend in modern day workplaces is treadmill desks.

Before you brush off the idea that walking while working is not right for you, here are three top concerns answered.

  1. “Walking while working is awkward” – Walking while you try to type will feel uncomfortable the first time you try it. But those who love their treadmill desk will tell you that getting used to the feeling of walking while typing only takes, at most, a few days. Give your body some time to settle into the rhythm of walking while typing and soon it will feel more natural.
  2. “I’ve heard stories of people getting hurt on a treadmill desk” – Some people have had a negative experience with their treadmill desk, simply because they were not using it correctly. Treadmill desks are not meant to go at high speeds, but rather just keep your blood moving more so than it would if you were just standing or sitting. If you walk at a slower pace, you can avoid risk of injury.
  3. “My productivity will decrease if I try to walk while typing or writing” – Ergonomic experts recommend that you limit your speed to walking between one and two miles per hour. This is still plenty to burn a few extra calories during a time when you would otherwise be sitting, but not fast enough to hinder your productivity.

There are a few concerns about the comfort of walking behind a desk at work, but when done right, the health benefits are tremendous. By incorporating more exercise into your daily desk job routine with a treadmill desk, you can combat back pain, high blood pressure and even lose weight while on the job.