With each New Year comes new resolve to become more active and get healthy. The road to good health can be a bumpy one for some folks as it requires a healthy dose of motivation and more than a little will power to skip dessert. Making the transition to a healthy lifestyle can be a big commitment, but luckily there are plenty of experts out there to help you along with fitness and exercise tips, great healthy recipes, and maybe most importantly, some much needed motivation. These 10 exercise and fitness experts will have you feeling your healthiest in no time!

1. @elephantjournal: elephant journal is a blog about spiritual well-being, healthy living, fitness, yoga and all healthy practices that lead a person toward a better life. Blog creator Waylon Lewis promotes change for the better in all aspects of life, including health and environment and the blog includes articles, videos, and interviews with other eco-conscious and healthy living experts. Backed by a group of contributing writers, the elephant journal brings a daily dose of good and fair living.

Tweets: 31,144 | Followers: 47,764 | MMI Rank: 234 | Stars: 5

2. @mizfitonline: Carla Birnberg is a personal trainer, health and fitness expert, bodybuilding competitor, and creator and writer for health and fitness blog MixFitOnline. Her blog chronicles her experiences in the field of fitness and competitive bodybuilding. She also talks about healthy eating and living, diets, workouts, and motherhood. Her personal mantra is “fitness isn’t about fitting in.” She advocates an innovative, customized and unique approach to fitness that suits every individual.

Tweets: 76,585 | Followers: 12,473 | MMI Rank: 272 | Stars: 5

3. @JoyceSchneider1: As one half of the successful health guru duo The Cook and the Cardiologist, Joyce Schneider is a reformed chocoholic who promotes the idea that food can be healthy and low-cal without sacrificing taste. Along with her husband, Schneider writes the blog The Cook and the Cardiologist as a way to share knowledge about the heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes. By offering healthier substitutions for just about any ingredient, they show readers how to make healthy eating into yummy eating! Their articles include information on metabolism, organic food, heart disease among women and more.

Tweets: 29,655 | Followers: 80,591 | MMI Rank: 354 | Stars: 5

4. @HealthHabits: HealthHabits is a blog on fitness, exercise, training, nutrition, healthy eating and more. Owner and writer Douglas Robb has been guiding people toward healthier living, fitness and weight loss for years. His blog provides various programs on personal fitness, nutrition, and more. He also wrote the book A Paleo Diet for the 21st Century.

Tweets: 25,284 | Followers: 308,827 | MMI Rank: 418 | Stars: 5

5. @FitBottomedGirl: The Fit Bottomed Girls are two friends – Jenn and Erin – who met while working for a magazine publishing company. They created their blog in 2008 to offer working women, mothers, single women, and even guys tips on improving health and fitness through proper eating habits and exercise. Beyond the fitness and health advice on their site, you can also find reviews for workout DVDs and health and fitness products, as well as their personal fitness and exercise experiences. Recently they launched a sister site called Fit Bottomed Mamas.

Tweets: 31,418 | Followers: 15,366 | MMI Rank: 430 | Stars: 5

6. @JeanetteJenkins: Jeannette Jenkins is a celebrity fitness trainer and host of Lifetime Television’s “My Workout: Powered by Podfitness.com.” Her website The Hollywood Trainer talks about fitness programs, personal fitness training, extreme sports, and more. She has also released numerous workout DVDs that have been voted top 10 DVDs of the year by Fitness Magazine. Her Twitter feed shares various tips and advice for fitness and exercise.

Tweets: 20,379 | Followers: 106,655 | MMI Rank: 489 | Stars: 5

7. @MensHealthMag: Men’s Health Magazine is the world’s largest magazine brand with 44 editions around the world. Their website averages 38 million page views a month. Launched in 1987 with a focus on men’s health-oriented issues, the magazine has evolved to include more topics related to men’s lifestyle, like fitness, nutrition, relationships, travel, technology, fashion and finance.

Tweets: 19,075 | Followers: 617,966 | MMI Rank: 958 | Stars: 5

8. @CarrotsNCake: Tina Haupert, creator and writer at Carrots ‘N’ Cake, is a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. Her blog focuses on weight-watching, nutritional foods, fitness and maintain a well-balanced diet. Her book Carrots ‘N’ Cake: Healthy Living One Carrot and Cupcake at a Time was published in 2011 and she also writes a weekly column for Health.com.

Tweets: 22,711 | Followers: 12,517 | MMI Rank: 1,153 | Stars: 5

9. @YumYucky: This is the Twitter page of Josie Maurer, blogger at YumYucky.com and self-proclaimed food enthusiast. She shares her food obsession and efforts at maintaining a healthy weight through humor and witty stories. A mother of 4, Josie shares her healthy diet plans and workouts and involves her readers her yearly weight and food related resolutions. Her blog YumYucky has been recognized as one of Shape Magazine’s Top 8 Sites for Fitness Motivation and is also on Fitness Magazine’s ‘Favorite Food and Nutrition Blogs’ list.

Tweets: 32,020 | Followers: 4,620 | MMI Rank: 1,310 | Stars: 5

10. @OurTownMagazine: Our Town Magazine caters to the great Miami community and focuses on luxury lifestyle, dining and local living. It also contains articles on health and fitness, as well as healthy recipes, yoga and fitness routines. Owner Carolyn Gardner interacts with readers through this Twitter feed.

Tweets: 26,712 | Followers: 16,152 | MMI Rank: 1,381 | Stars: 5

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