Are you interested in the human mind and want to know about people’s reaction to certain situations? A career in psychology is a great way to satisfy your excitement to explore the human mind. Psychology is a rewarding and diverse field of study with a wide array of job and career opportunities. An individuals’ level of education in psychology coupled with the area of specialty has a big effect on the careers available to them. Other factors that can influence the psychology career are geographic location, sector of employment, educational background, and years of experience.

Here are some examples of good, high paying psychology careers and the educational requirements for entering into these fields.


One of the highest paying fields in psychology; Psychiatrists specialize to treating mentally ill people. The salaries within this field differ depending upon the specialty area, employment area and the type of work performed.

Eight years of post-undergraduate study is must for starting a career as a psychiatrist. After receiving a bachelor’s degree, an aspiring psychiatrist must attend medical school and then complete a four-year residency.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

You can earn a psychology degree to utilize your knowledge of psychology to manage workplace issues.

Industrial-organizational psychologists are hired by companies to boost employee productivity, choosing the best employees for particular jobs, designing market research surveys and for many business-oriented tasks.

The opportunities abound for a student after they finish a masters program. Graduating with a doctorate degree in industrial-organizational psychology can offer even bigger opportunities and fatter salaries.


If you are curious about the brain and cognitive sciences then Neuropsychology should be your area of specialization. People involved in this field often carry out cognitive tests, run brain scans, analyze people suffering from brain injuries, and monitor how drugs influence the nervous system. Hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, colleges, universities, research centers and mental health clinics are some of the fields where neuropsychologists work. To start a career in this field, you should obtain a doctorate degree in Neuropsychology or Clinical Neuropsychology.

Engineering Psychologist

Engineering psychologists improve the design of the systems, operations, and equipment for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the workplace, and also work to minimize on site injury. Engineering psychologists who work in the private sector earn more than the ones who are involved in university settings.

To enter this profession, a master’s degree is required but those with a doctorate degree will qualify for more employment opportunities and higher paying jobs.

With options galore in the field of psychology, a good education can give you a big break. A smart student will focus on one of the top schools in psychology to be able to get the most out of their education.