The mind’s first step to self-awareness

must be through the body.

George Sheehan

The human brain is a multifaceted organization of cells. Around fifty million neurons work with the utmost complexity in order to keep you going healthy and strong. It is believed to be five times bigger than an average brain of a mammal with the same body size. In human beings, the frontal lobes and the forebrain are especially expanded since these parts are the ones responsible for self-control, planning and reasoning. So, in order for you to have a stronger and healthier body, try to better you brain. A healthier mind means healthier body. And that generally translates into a healthier life and lifestyle.

English: Brain viewed from the right side show...

English: Brain viewed from the right side showing the 4 major cerebral lobes. This is a digitally enhanced version of an illustration from Manuel de L’anatomiste, by Charles Morel and Mathias Duval, published in 1883 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is during our childhood, or the early stages of our lifespan that the development of the brain and the central nervous system is critical. As we grow older, the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients is weakened. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for us to protect ourselves from illnesses, injuries and stresses. Also along with our aging process, we lose neurons, which are more commonly called brain cells. Unlike the other body cells, the neurons do not regenerate nor do they replicate; and they do not have the capacity to repair themselves. Because of this, our brain is not able to perform as well as when we were younger.

So, in order to keep our brains performing well, we have some do’s and don’ts that can help us maintain our brain’s fitness and strength.

What hurts?

Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking too many cigarettes, or anything else for that matter. Do I need to say anything about illegal drugs?

Keep your physician apprised about your mental condition. Important changes should always be reported early.

Do not skip a visit with your doc when these changes begin to occur.

Don’t self-medicate because some drugs may interact negatively with your mental status, especially if you are taking more than one medication.

What helps?

Exercise regularly and engage in physical activities that can help you maintain your physical and mental vitality.

Your mind is exercised better if you participate in active learning. Try some new experiences so that you can learn from something new firsthand.

Pay attention to your social life as well. Do not isolate yourself from your social groups; instead, you should keep in touch with each of them. A happier life would mean a healthier life.

As much as you can, you should always be in control of your life. Do not feel that you have no power over anything that is going on. Maintain a positive self-image and a positive outlook about your life.

Do not become overwhelmed by stress. You must learn how to handle it, for your own sake.

A balanced diet will definitely keep you healthier. As much as possible, you should eat a balanced meal and foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Get enough rest and sleep. The general consensus among professionals is that you should sleep for at least six to eight hours a day.

If you have any health problems, you should attend to them as early as possible. Never, ever take your health for granted!

Most importantly is the fact that in order for you to have a healthy mind, you need to always have a positive attitude. Be ready to face all the challenges that life may bring, and never lose hope! Be in command of your life. Better your brain by having a better attitude about life.

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