you and your environment @MartinaMcGowan

When we think of environment, most of us might focus on the weather. Is it winter, with its icy silence and dangerous roads? Is it spring, with birds chirping, and the sun struggling through the morning haze?

But, when we want to turn our attention to what in our environments helps give s us ease in greater success in the things we wish to accomplish, it is often a different view. Certainly the overall weather may affect our moods, and some people quite severely. But, it is a narrower range of the environmental spectrum.

The Things You Can Change

The things that we can change the most are our immediate external environment, and our internal environment. We can adjust which room we are sitting in. We can adjust the temperature. What kind of light helps us see best, and helps boost our moods?

Smells. Is the smell of burning popcorn wafting through the office a turn-off and distraction? Are you invigorated by the smell of a single rose on your desk, or a bit of incense… or, maybe even some scented Fabreeze?

Sights. Are you facing a wall? Or a window? Are there are pictures in your space that inspire you, or remind of your “why?”

Distractions. Are you constantly interrupting your workflow to update your status, looking for something cool to tweet. or checking your email?

Sounds. We all love to dance. But do you do your best work with “Boogie Wonderland” or “Uptown Funk” playing in the background? Or, perhaps it is a gentler mix of classical music. Maybe it is relative silence that keep your pen flowing across the page.

These, and many more, are the external things we can tweak to stay on track and help us succeed.

Inside Game:

What’s going on in your headspace? Is what is rattling around keeping you from clearly focusing on what you are doing? Or, are you working on the next 2, 3, 4, 10 issues? “What’s for lunch?” “I wonder if the meeting is going to accomplish anything, or will it be a waste of time?” ” What are we having for dinner?” “I need to get a new TV, before this one take s a dump, although, I haven’t really been watching it much lately?” “Do I need to upgrade my computer, too?” “Where am I going to get the extra money for ________?” “Man. I hope the baby’s homework is not too hard tonight!” “I should have worn something different today?” “This job really sucks.” And, on and on the litany goes….

For me, as an avid fan of the “inside game,” all of those other external worries are trumped by what I bring to the environment.

If I feel irritated, unraveled, disgruntled, jumbled inside, then the whole world and all the people in it can seem bothersome, irritating and irrational. Some of this is projected by them, but I have to be careful of what I am absorbing and projecting.

If, I can find my inner place of peace and calm, I can help draw others away from the storm instead of shoving them in, then calling, “every man for himself.” I can make gentler suggestions. I can roll with a lot more of life’s “punches.”

Who I am, who you are, and what we make of our internal environment affects everything we touch, and everything in life that touches up.

Make better choices in what you will allow into your world and mind.

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