The_Power_of_Groups_in_Making_Life_ChangesWeight Watchers.  Alcoholics Anonymous.  Group coaching.  Those are just some of the ways in which people have made big changes in their life through the power of groups.

While people can certainly make big changes in their life by themselves, and it is true that nobody can help motivate someone to change who does not want to change, it is also true that many people have found support and friendships by joining groups. Here are some of the things beneficial by not going it alone, but joining some sort of support group for life coaching:

You don’t feel isolated

Do you feel that if you go without a cigarette for even a day, you are going to drive yourself – and everyone else around you – crazy? Do you want to exercise, but you don’t know how to get started? Do you want to get the benefits of life coaching, but do not have the funds to afford an individual coach, and would really like to hear if others have the same struggles as you? These are just some of the reasons people join groups. The biggest thing they hear by doing so is that they are not alone.

You have accountability

I belong to an exercise group that I have been participating in for two months. I feel like a coach potato if I don’t get up on Sunday and Wednesday mornings for the group walks. There is a fitness surprise every week with this fitness group, and I feel like I am missing out from something by not going to it. Depending on the group, there may be formal accountability procedures – taking attendance, regular weigh-ins or check-ins, or it may be less formal, in that you simply feel you will be missing out on something good for you if you don’t show up. At any rate, you may find that the accountability of belonging to the group keeps you on the right track.

You learn things to help you

In the exercise group I belong to, we get information on fitness from the personal trainer who runs the group, and learn new things on how to work out. The group also has a websites with exercise and weight loss tips. People who belong to groups like AA learn ways to control the urge to drink. Other groups offer the ability to get professional advice and to learn from the other people in the group. The real-life things you can pick up by belonging to a group can help you in many beneficial ways.

You have camaraderie

I will miss seeing the friends I have made in my fitness group if I don’t work out with them. Depending upon the group, you may also feel a similar feeling if you don’t attend. You also can celebrate others’ successes, or commiserate when they go through rough times. The camaraderie such groups foster can be a life changer. So why not look into joining a group to help your life? To learn more about group life coaching, click here.