Most high school students thinking about attending a college or university consider many factors. They visit their top college choices and sift through stats in order of their educational and lifestyle priorities. Beautiful campus, sororities or fraternities, dorm rooms, sports teams and geographic location are among the top considerations for high school seniors upon deciding what college they will ultimately attend.

The University of North Texas, however, is giving students something else to ponder in higher education. UNT has opened the doors to the nation’s first ever all-vegan college cafeteria. And for vegan students everywhere, the University of North Texas might soon rise to the top of their university leaderboard.

With five cafeterias on campus, University of North Texas has the resources and space to designate one of the five all vegan all the time. While many universities have adopted a meatless Mondays schedule, this Texas college now offers a meatless “Mean Greens” cafeteria 24/7. “Many universities do “Meatless Mondays” but with five dining halls on our campus we have the resources to support the vegan lifestyle every day.” The cafeteria located in Maple will now be Mean Greens. Mean Green is also how North Texas refers to its sports team. Their mean green sports are symbolized with a green eagle icon. UNT’s dining services special projects director Ken Botts sees this as a trend that will eventually be catching on around the country. For some it has been a deciding factor in choosing UNT over other universities.

The college states that “There are far more students that are strict vegans than there are strict meat eaters. It’s really a question of velocity; some are vegan 100% of the time, some 90%, some 70% but all people eat vegan sometimes, but not all people eat meat.” And we know there are definitely degrees of being vegan, hardcore vegan being the most strict.

With delicious vegan eats like bananas foster, pancakes, roasted veggies, vegan sushi, asparagus soup and fresh baked focaccia this vegan adult is ready to go back to school! Go Texas! Go Vegan! For college bound freshman who live the motto, vegan is the new black, this Texas school just scored a touchdown.