If you live in the United States, you’ve no doubt been flooded with headlines about the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare). Whether you support it or not, can we agree that healthcare should be of global concern and it really ought to be top of mind for all of us?

When I turned 40 a few years back, I had what I describe as a “mid-life crisis.” I suddenly became obsessed with my health – really, really obsessed. Up until that point, I wasn’t doing much of anything to “optimize” it. I drank a lot of Dr. Pepper (about six cans a day) and ate a lot of nachos smothered in cheese, salsa and black olives. Not exactly the breakfast meal of champions, though it sure tasted good. On top of that, I was a closet smoker!

Well, my “aha” moment came in 2010 and it never left me. I started working out – daily. That morphed into running (I’ve run several races, including six half marathons). I also adopted a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle, which is basically a diet of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans and legumes. (It all tastes a lot better than it sounds. I’ve actually become quite a good cook). My goal is to make my body as inhospitable to disease as possible. Will my past come back to haunt me? It very well may, but if it does I will have at least spent these years prescription-free, with fewer doctors’ appointments added to my calendar and a lot more oomph in my step. I absolutely love that I’m so much more productive on and off the job. My energy level is through the roof!

Which brings me to you … is maintaining good health a priority for you? What do you do to optimize it? A friend of mine shared that he turned his plain ‘ole desk into a treadmill desk in order to increase his activity during the work days (I seriously fell in love with that idea). Do you think we all need to be more proactive when it comes to our health? Why do you think doing so proves challenging for so many? What tips, words of wisdom and/or personal success stories do you have for people who may be struggling to adopt a more healthful lifestyle?