Whenever you see chocolates, pastries and ice-creams, you find it hard to control your craving for sweets. But have you ever wondered what makes you go crazy about sweet treats? If you haven’t, you may want to know the reasons behind your addiction to sugar.

According to scientists, sugar is indispensable for survival. So, it is quite natural that we feel a drive to desire sugar at a certain instinctive level. Our sense of taste craves for molecules that are essential for life and sugar is one such molecule apart from salt and fat. When we eat food, glucose gets absorbed into the bloodstream and it is distributed to all the body cells. There are one hundred billion nerve cells in the body. We know them by the name of neurons. Neurons need a continuous supply of glucose from the bloodstream since they cannot store up glucose by themselves.

A Fact – patients suffering from low blood sugar levels are more susceptible to the condition of coma.

Do you know that the brain gets a sudden boost with just the taste of sugar? Well, I’m not telling it. Tests have proven that those who rinse sweetened water (by sugar) around the mouth deliver a better performance in mental tasks compared to them when swilling artificially sweetened water.

We and Sugar- A Sweet & Sour Relationship

An interesting fact is that we are addicted to sugar from our birth as each one of us is born with a sweet tooth. Experts from Washington University involved in a research recently. The research has shown that the taste buds of newborns are more attracted to sweet flavors and children are fonder of sugary food and drink than adults.

Why the Craving for Sugar?

A celebration is incomplete when there are no sweets to jazz up the mood. Whenever we seek comfort and relaxation, we indulge in sweets. This is because sugar is a mind-booster. We get an instant rush of energy from sugar. Sugar triggers the release of serotonin called the happy hormone, into the bloodstream.

Too much of Sugar Invites Danger for Health

Sugar increases the insulin levels while the body functions to bring the higher blood sugar levels to normal. In most cases, it results into a sugar crush. Many people yearn for more sugar and this develops the harmful habit of binge-eating.

What is more, our body cannot alarm us when we have had enough of sweets. As the researchers say, food and drink sweetened by simple sugar fructose do not satisfy the taste buds to the fullest when compared to other food and drink items containing the same percentage of calories.

Too much of anything becomes a threat to health. One of the major causes of higher rate of childhood obesity is having sugary foods more than enough. The high calorie content of sugary foods is not good for health if taken beyond the required levels. That is why parents need to ensure that their children do not form a habit of consuming too much sugary food and drink items.

A Fact – the market is flooded with different processed foods and most of them contain excessive amount of sucrose. Sucrose, on the other hand, contains fifty percent of fructose. Indeed, it is shocking that common foods are full of such a huge amount of sugar.

What is The Solution?

Since our body doesn’t have the natural ability to differentiate between natural sugar and processed sugar, the best solution is to control the temptation which may be difficult but not impossible.

Next time, you pass a cake shop or an ice-cream parlor, you have two options. One is, walk past them remembering the harmful effects of gorging on excessive sugar. The second option, take a look at yourself in the shop window and admire your lovely face, you’ll forget about the cakes and ice-creams.