Most of us have experienced a long, cold, snowy Winter this year.  As the season drags on, it gets tougher to get up and face another day with anything resembling enthusiasm.  With a few easy life adjustments, you can  take Summer’s motivation and energy through the entire Winter.

Business MotivationStaying Motivated & Energized Through a Long Winter

  • Read – Nothing inspires me more than a good business book, success stories, and newsletters.  Today’s entrepreneur must keep up with the latest trends and technology to thrive in an environment that is in a constant state of change.  Reading can eat up too much time, however, so I pencil it into my schedule.  I usually save my newsletter and blog reading for my least productive times, be that the final hours of the workday or weekends.  When I encounter something I want to read online, I add it to a list in a text file for future reference.  I do the same thing when I find ideas online that I want to implement later.
  • Make it New Year’s Day on the first of every month – Try to recapture the enthusiasm of a new year each month by going over your goals and outlining what you’ll do to reach them in the coming month.  Allocate the first working day of each month for this exercise.

Natural Motivation

  • Naturally nurture your body – Natural supplements have made a huge difference in my workday stamina, with a focus on overall health at the cellular level.  I take natural multi-vitamins, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, mixed seaweed, Silver Sea Salt, and krill oil, along with other naturally-sourced supplements to keep myself energized, focused and positive.  Natural vitamins and minerals are more complete and bio-available than synthetic supplements.  For example, B12 is required for energy, brain and cardiovascular function, yet most synthetic vitamins use the form that isn’t readily absorbed.  Why?  Because the best form, Methylcobalamin, is more expensive.  My multi-vitamin includes B12 Methylcobalamin, plus black pepper extract for optimum absorption.
  • Energizing herbs – A wonderful pick-me-up beverage that beats coffee by a mile is Yerba Mate tea.  Other herbs that give you physical and mental boost are Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng and Korean Ginseng.  Run it by your doctor before taking any of these herbs as they may interact with medications or have a negative impact on preexisting conditions.  It’s important to use high quality herbs for a full range of benefits.
  • Aromatherapy – It’s unfortunate that synthetic scents have made us skeptics about the benefits of true aromatherapy using high quality essential oils.  Energizing essential oils can be used in roll-ons or in diffusers to motivate both you and your team.  You can buy blends or individual oils, including peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, tea tree, and grapefruit.  Don’t waste your money on candles or other products that use synthetic scents because all they do is smell good.
  • Light up your life – I use bright lights and a light therapy lamp in my workspace and it makes such a difference compared to my dim lighting of yesteryear.  If you can, work by a window so some sunlight can reach you.
  • Work in more mini workouts – I work from a home office, so I can run up and down the stairs each time I get up to do something else, do squats instead of bending over to empty the dryer, etc.  There are other ways to work in a mini workout, including exercises that can be done discretely from your desk.  I keep a pedal exerciser under my desk and it has done wonders for my circulation.  The goal is to keep moving periodically throughout the day because a body in motion really does tend to stay in motion, resulting in higher energy levels.

Personal Motivation

  • R&R – We feel sluggish enough during cold, dark Winters without adding fatigue.  Treasure and insist upon your rest & relaxation time.
  • Family & friends – Time spent with those who care about us is refreshing and motivating.  Don’t fall into the trap of making it optional, remembering what’s most important in life is absolutely necessary for your success.

Most of us are old hands at surviving Winter and it has made us pretty tough.  We can all use an extra boost, however, and I’m a firm believer in taking responsibility for my own success at every level.  Entrepreneurs and other professionals struggle with motivation enough without letting the Winter blues get us down too.

What do you do to stay motivated and energized during the Winter?