It’s not always easy to stay healthy while you’re traveling for work. With tight schedules, high pressure meetings, and a never ending pile of work to return to, business travel is anything but a breeze.

One of the few perks of traveling for work is the per diem and client dinners. However the obvious choices aren’t always easy on the waistline. In fact, most entrees in restaurants contain significantly more fat and sodium than a home cooked meal. Add bread and a cocktail and you’re looking at enough calories to satisfy your needs for an entire day. It’s important to do what you can to stay healthy so here’s a few tips to stay slim while you’re out of the office.

1. Know what to order when you’re on the go

When you’re surrounded by fast food in the airport, what do you choose? A burger, fries and soda will likely land you in a food coma, completely killing your productivity on the flight. The high carbohydrate content and large amount of sugar will cause huge spikes in your insulin levels, leading to drowsiness. Instead, order a lettuce wrapped burger and forgo the fries and soda.

There’s a lot of healthy food at Starbucks, which is fortunately just about everywhere. Another strategy is to bring a meal with you. It’s a pain to lug it through security, but it’s guaranteed healthy and doesn’t cost you the high airport prices.

2. Mix up happy hour

Happy hours with clients or customers are usually mandatory, but that doesn’t mean you have to partake in the same way. Wine, beer and cocktails are empty calories, so swap out your favorite libation for soda water and lime. It looks like a mixed drink and won’t raise any questions about lack of participation.

If there’s appetizers, eat from the vegetable and protein plates. Not only will they keep you full, but they also help satiate hunger better than carby bruschetta, french fries or cheese plates. Bacon wrapped shrimp, lettuce wraps, chicken satays, roasted artichokes and hummus are common items you might see on a menu that are going to be better for you than most other options.

3. Pack snacks

When you’re hungry it’s much more difficult to make good choices. Bring a few snacks with you to alleviate the staredown with the vending machine and combat the afternoon slump. Protein bars, baby carrots, beef jerky, and almonds are easy to find and keep fine without refrigeration for a few days.

Just don’t start chomping on carrots during a meeting. That’s distracting and potentially rude depending on the work environment.

If you aren’t prepared, then go for the nuts in the vending machine. In terms of satiety, calories and nutritional content, they are likely the best for you.

4. Hold on the late night takeout

When you’re fixing an issue or working late on a presentation, it’s tempting to opt for quick Chinese instead of a nutritious dinner. The truth is, a filling dinner that’s good for you can help you concentrate much better than high sodium, high carb takeout. Grab a pre-packaged salad from a grocery store or deli counter.

5. Stay hydrated

Water bottles in the airport are expensive. Save money by bringing your own oversized plastic water bottle through the airport and fill it up once you’re through security. This way you aren’t lugging around your favorite reusable bottle and aren’t too attached to it in case it needs to be tossed.

Fill it up and drink often!