joint health insuranceFor many couples, purchasing a joint insurance policy is often the preferable option. In many cases a joint policy can cost less than two individual policies. When it comes to health insurance, however, finding a joint policy can pose some difficulty – especially if one partner isn’t working or has an existing illness.

Employee Benefits

If you are struggling to find an adequate health insurance policy for your spouse, you may already have it. Your employer is required to provide you with your own health insurance under Health Care Reform, however you may be able to enquire as to whether this extends to your spouse and the rest of your family as an additional benefit.

This is especially beneficial if your spouse is not working full time and not entitled to their own health care. It means the cost can come directly out of your wages and you will be safe in the knowledge you both have equal coverage. You may be able to save money with this method, as you are insured under a joint policy rather than purchasing your own.

Existing Illness

If you or your spouse have an existing illness, it may have been difficult to find an insurance policy for the two of you in the past. New legislation is now making it easier for people with existing illnesses to purchase health insurance.

Insurance companies are now required to provide coverage to people with existing illnesses; this includes purchasing an individual policy and adding your spouse to your own health insurance. This also extends to employee benefits, so you can have your spouse included on your policy even if one of you is already ill.

Purchasing joint health insurance, or covering yourself and your spouse under the one policy, doesn’t have to be difficult. With new regulations in place there are many options available that can make it easier and reassure you that you are both protected.