As a burly gentleman, I never really understood why the fairer sex so enjoy being plastered in mineral mud, receiving facials and having their toenails expertly buffed and polished. Sure, women who undergo such beauty treatments usually look more aesthetically pleasing as a result but looking consistently good must take incredible effort, not to mention be expensive!

Such enhancements however are not only beneficial for a women’s exterior; apparently they have the power to make a women feel fantastic on the inside too. An infographic which recently appeared on UK spa breaks booking agency Spa Seekers’ blog explained that approximately 29% of women suffer post natal depression (PND), an ailment which often stems from poor self image. Many women suffer low self esteem during (37%) and after (66%) pregnancy and so a little pampering during both the physically and mentally strenuous pregnancy months and adjustment-to-parenthood period can really help to prevent the development of PND.

According to the graphic, 71% of women with post natal depression feel their symptoms greatly lessened should they visit a spa after birth but worryingly, only 20% of women actually do have a spa day up to three month after the birth date. Either the majority of new moms are simply too busy to take time out for themselves or their husbands are too selfish to reward their partners with such a treat (just 15% of the men polled said they had sent the mother of their child to a spa after the birth).

You can check out more stats in Spa Seekers’ pregnancy and self esteem infographic below.