Self-esteem plays a huge part in one’s success in life.

There are people who suffer from very low self-esteem, and these are the ones who choose to stay in the background. They refuse to take on challenges out of fear that they may fail and ruin everything. They also find it really hard to talk to people with ease and they lack the confidence to face the world. Public speaking, for them, is one scary stunt.

On the opposite side, while there are people who lack self-esteem, there are also those who are oozing with it.

People are made differently, which goes to show in cases where others have what some are missing, and self-esteem is one of it. There are just individuals who are charged with self-esteem.

high self esteem

Some indicators of high self-esteem are as follows:

You Feel Whole

These are the persons who are able to pull out control and confidence from within and not from any kind of external factor. They strongly exude self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-respect and are able to take care of themselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

You Show Gratitude

People with high self-esteem recognize their strengths and know how to use their weaknesses so that it does not come as a liability. More so, they are able to put their focus on things that matter most – they appreciate the blessings and do not dwell on the things that they lack. They can accept criticisms and compliments graciously. Likewise, they are confident enough to give back compliments too. They acknowledge everyone’s worth and they show appreciation to them.

You Are Competitive

Individuals who exhibit high self-esteem crave to be better by taking on continuous self-improvement strategies. These are the people who are able to learn and draw out something good from their mistakes. While some people are unable to let go of their mistakes, wallow in self-pity and blame themselves and others for their failures and shortcomings endlessly, persons with high self-esteem overcomes everything, know how to fight, and go on with their lives with a clear sense of wisdom.

You Respect Individual Differences

A person who has high self-esteem is able to see and respect people’s differences. They honor and accept the fact that we are all different from each other with varying needs as well. They know how to respect others’ point of view and are very reasonable when they find themselves in situations that do not favor their personal beliefs.

They Feel Very Comfortable in Social Conditions

They do not have problems dealing with a crowd or occupying a spot under the limelight. They crave praise and they are deserving of it because they know how to shine and they know how to show off in front of people without bragging too much about what they have and what they can do.

Now, having mentioned all these 5 indicators of self-esteem, do you think you are one of the people who got a lot of it?

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