What makes mma fighters some of the fittest athletes in the world?

When it comes to fitness and getting into shape there should be little question that mixed martial arts (mma) fighters are among the most fit and physically impressive athletes in the world.

These warriors compete in a sport where it is one against one, usually in a cage, where they and their opponents are allowed to kick, punch, use elbows, knees and even use takedowns, throws and submission holds. This type of athlete has to have a combination of speed, endurance, flexibility, power, strength and the technical skills to be competent in all ranges of hand to hand combat.

Because of the incredible amount of variety in the sport these fighters have to train using several different training methodologies in order to prepare themselves for the rigors of a match.  Some of the routines for an MMA fighter may include:

  • Speed training
  • Explosive power training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Strength training
  • Reaction drills
  • Interval training

In addition to these exercises routines you will often find mixed martial artists practicing boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu and wrestling in order to prepare for their opponents. These activities also help sculpt the body and increase the level of fitness in an individual.

The results? Just take a look at some of the builds of various mixed martial artists!

randy couture

Randy Couture fought into his mid 40’s and fought at weights between 205-228lbs

frank mir

Frank Mir weighs in at over 250 lbs yet remains lean and fit

frank shamrock

Frank Shamrock always came to the ring in top shape and fought at 180lbs

ricardo arona

Ricardo Arona weighs over 200lbs and stays fighting fit

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