This week two companies based on different aspects of the nutritional supplement market came together to form a new partnership that will combine both their products. Nutrivo, LLC acquired Rivalus Sports Nutrition, Inc.. Nutrivo, LLC, which is headquartered just outside Chicago in Aurora, Illinois, is the newly formed company of brothers Mike and Tony Costello. The Costello brothers, who are the former owners and founders of Optimum Nutrition, Inc, which provides sports nutrition products such as protein powders, shakes, formulas, vitamins and minerals are looking forward to the new opportunities that Rivalus will bring to the young Nutrivo company.

With the acquisition of Rivalus, a company that provides nutritional supplements for professional and Olympic athletes in drug-tested sports as an alternative to illegal, performance-enhancing drugs, Nutrivo expects a significant increase in profits.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Burke and the Rivalus team join the Nutrivo family. Rivalus has an exceptional product line and a huge number of professional athletes who trust the brand,” Mike Costello states from Nutrivo’s new 130,000 square foot production facility in Illinois.

The CEO and founder of Rivalus, Dr. Darren Burke, PhD, who has over 20 years experience as a nationally ranked athlete, university professor and formula developer is just one of the assets of the new partnership.

With the formation of the new partnership comes Rivalus’ shift to American soil. Tony Costello mentions that he is looking forward to moving the company, which is currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, into Nutrivo’s hometown.

“We’re bringing top quality manufacturing back to Chicago and Nutrivo is very eager to begin producing Rivalus’ top selling protein powder Promasil and the rest of the lineup. We have a long history in manufacturing premium supplements and in this move we’re going to make great even greater,” said Tony Costello.