My body needs laughter as much as it needs tears.

Both are cleansers of stress.

Mahogany SilverRain

Stress is the emotional and physical response that we all have toward the different pressures from the workplace, school, family and a host of other institutions. Stress reactions include such things as the inability to focus or concentrate, headaches and rapid heartbeat. Almost everyone develops stress, but it is how you choose to deal with it that is important. And how you deal with it is not only important for you personally, but if you are trying to handle a business team, then you will soon learn that stress can affect the productivity of everyone.

The work environment can prove to be a major stressor, but this may be something which you cannot fully control. So, instead of trying to control the whole work environment, you can shift your focus and work on yourself. You can take one small step at a time toward your goals. The question is, how do will you work around the stress that is present?

Change how you see

You can reduce the risk of stress affecting your physical and mental health by seeing things in a new perspective. What does that mean? An example might involve learning to let go of situations in over which you have no control. Stressing over the things which are beyond your capabilities to control can be transformed instead to positive energy. You can focus your energy on the parts which you can control.

This shift in attitude assist you in overcoming fear and managing stress. It can also be beneficial to your health. Failing to deal with stress during its starting stage can eventually lead to chronic stress. Chronic stress is one of the reasons for frequent headaches, ulcers, indigestion, high blood pressure and heart issues.

There are things which you can change. Why not focus your attention, talents and energies there instead?

Simple things you can do:

  • Say, “No,” to commitments that would require time and energy that you do not possess. And especially to those things in which you have no interest.
  • Get some exercise. If you are not a runner or a lifter, you can still get great benefit by concentrating on stretching and breathing exercises.
  • Meditate.
  • Eat healthier food
  • Ask for help from other people to lessen the burden.

Know yourself

In addition to stress reduction, you need to pay attention to stress prevention. Stress prevention significantly decreases the possibility of the ill-effects of stress.

It is important to identify your go-to emotions and attitudes when you feel stressed. At least a portion of what irritates people about stress is the feeling of loss of personal control. The stress related to the external stimulus is the compounded by internal feelings of stress and disappointment.

You have to get to know yourself. By paying attention to how you react, and what bothers you, you can better understand your limits. After understanding your limits, you can work on learning to say, “No.” You can begin to make some clearer distinctions and boundaries to help define your actions.

Becoming more successful in dealing with your stressors and stress will help you work better, be more focused and intentional, and feed your spirit. Sweeping aside stress or being able to get through more easily will bring you a new level of peace, tranquility and spirituality. You can easily incorporate stress reduction and prevention into your daily life.

By changing your outlook and your perspective you, and not the whims and wishes of other people, can become the master of your domain… You!

Photo Credit: Vector Hugo via Compfight cc