Without inspiration the best powers of the mind

remain dormant.

There is a fuel in us which needs to be

ignited with sparks.

Johann Gottfried Von Herder

No matter where you find yourself in your life journey, setbacks can cause disappointment and a loss of momentum. Whether it is a new career that you are working toward or an overall appreciation of life, every step toward fulfillment can often feel financially, emotionally, or psychologically draining periodically. To help boost your confidence, here is a list of the top 10 power words and how to use them to help keep yourself motivated and passionate about life, no matter what comes your way.

1. Purpose. Whenever you are feeling discouraged or disappointed, and you will from time to time (let’s be honest), always remember your original purpose, your “why.” Reminding yourself of the original reason for venturing down your path in the first place will help refresh your mind when things go awry (and they will every now and then).

2. Planning. Though you may think that you have done enough planning toward the fulfillment of your goal, reviewing it again will help eliminate some of the aspects of your plan of action that may be causing you setbacks. Put all of your thoughts down on paper, from the tiniest details to the larger movements.

Being able to visualize the time-line of your mission will help you focus on taking one step at a time to reach your goals.

3. Acceptance. Accepting that you are a human being who is subject to having ups and downs is absolutely crucial to your success. Without this self-acceptance, you will become susceptible a foggy mind that is incapable of thinking positively, clearly, and innovatively.

Acceptance of what has not worked so well in the past helps you gain a better knowledge of what will work better in the future.

4. Reward. In anticipation of those times when your motivation starts to flag, it is vital that you give yourself rewards along the way. This is one of the best ways to stay motivated on your path to success. By giving yourself a taste of what you are working for, whether it is financial freedom, career responsibility, or your dream lifestyle, you won’t feel like you are busting your buns for nothing. This will help re-freshen your mind and helps you work more productively.

5. Health. You know what this means: get some exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep every night. Feeling run down will make it nearly impossible to pursue your goals and vision with the same clarity and vigor you had when you first set out on the journey.Take care of your basic needs first, and you will be strong enough to pursue your dreams.

6. Motivation. Research motivational books, DVDs, and webinars. Sometimes hearing motivational tips from a different perspective can greatly motivate you to act and succeed. Find one or two sources that speak to you in some way and keep them close for those moments when you begin to feel discouraged. After all, everyone gets discouraged at one time or another.

7. Organization. Have you ever felt depressed or worn out, and then when you cleaned up your surroundings and you almost instantly felt more focused and motivated? The same principle applies to your goal. Organize and clean house when it comes to the operation of your goal. Organizing yourself gives you a fresh start and a feeling of clarity. In doing so, you will be better able to attack your short and long-term goals more vigorously and effectively.

8. Refresh. Refresh your plan with something new. It may be a different tactic, setting, or career. Whatever it is, break out of the pattern that you are in and try something new. Even if this new tactic doesn’t yield positive results immediately, at the very least it will make you aware of the availability of your options.

9. Networking. Reach out to people in your industry or those who share your life goal. You can do this in a number of ways. Check out local clubs, find a plethora people on-line, or talk to existing contacts that may have already succeeded in your goal. Having someone to voice your struggles, questions, and experience to will invigorate you to keep moving forward.

10. Action. Taking action, in spite of doubts and setbacks, will further your progress. By moving on, despite any pessimistic thoughts, you will motivate yourself by the sheer momentum of doing something proactive to change your circumstances.

Whenever you feel like your progress has stalled, or you simply want some quick inspiration, look to these 10 powerful words and strategies to help spur you on and help you get you back on track toward success!


Photo Credit: Krissy.Venosdale via Compfight cc