“Go green!”

This is one of the dominating messages of our culture today. Going green is really important—to us, our families, and our world. Different companies are coming up with ways to be greener every day, whether it’s a paperless restaurant ordering system or eliminating the amount of plastic used for water bottles. Though many people have thought of ways to eat greener, there’s a new way to eat that’s greener than green—and it’s called (not surprisingly) “Green Juice!”

Wait! I know. You’ve seen pictures of that stuff and you are shocked and appalled. Who can drink juice that looks like cow barf? Here’s three reasons why people can and will drink green juice.\

1. How else will you get your veggies?

Let me clarify—veggies that taste good. Oh wait—vegetables? They’re those green things that your mother used to make you eat. We learned about them in elementary school, in that outdated thing called the food pyramid, reinvented now as the food plate, which dictates that HALF of our plate should be vegetables. Does anyone’s plate actually ever look like that? Mine sure doesn’t!

Here’s where juicing can come in handy. There are bajillions of recipes (even some from Martha Stewart!) out there that easily help you easily and tastily consume the proper amount of vegetables.

2. It makes you all wonderful and stuff.

Whether you’re a supermodel or you’re working on online ordering software, you’re bound to get tired during the workday. Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, you can drink some green juice to get you going again. Green juice—just to drive this point home one more time—is made of vegetables, which are green, and green things that grow outside have chlorophyll in them. When we take in chlorophyll, our hemoglobin count is elevated. This means that our body becomes more oxygenated, which gives us more energy. Just check out this post from Jess Kapadia—you’ll see what I mean.

3. And when I say it makes you wonderful—I mean wonderful. For a long, long time.

One of the number one leading causes of death in America is cancer. Cancer has shortened and stolen too many lives—and there doesn’t seem to be too much out there that can stop it. There aren’t many natural remedies out there, except, of course, green juice. Green juice helps fight it in three major ways. Firstly, green juice contains antioxidants, which fight the free radicals that cause cancer. Secondly, the enzymes and amino acids found in green juice detoxify your liver and blood, which, according to the Hippocrates Institute, helps protect against cancer-causing elements. Thirdly, green juice also helps make your body more alkaline than acidic (remember the pH scale you learned about in science class?), an environment that cancer cells can’t survive in.

If you’re ready to run to the nearest store to buy a juicer, you’re not alone. Green juice may look yucky—but it’s one of the best things we can do for our body.