No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.


How well do you think of yourself mentally? If you were to ask yourself if you thought you were intelligent, would you answer with a nod and a smile, or with an ashamed-faced “maybe”? In answering this question, you should know that there are a lot of things that you need to consider, and your IQ score is only one of them. And, the reality of the situation is that if you think well of yourself, your brain will actually perform better. Your outlook and perspective on things like this influences the performance of your mind. If you really believe that you are good enough, then your mind starts looking for new ways to perform to meet the level of your expectations.

Influential Psychology

You have probably heard stories hundreds of stories where someone, like Robert Kiyosaki, who never set foot in high school, was able to work his way up from rags to riches. He used his gut and determination to climb his way to the top, to reach his goals. During his childhood he was exposed to situations that showed him that he could become as rich as his friends, if he put in the work to accomplish it. So essentially it was his outlook that helped drive him forward to achieve what other had.

As the story goes, he never received any money from his rich friends, and he never received any real assistance as he worked his way up. But what he did get from his friends was his own level of expectation. If he had never met his rich friends, if he had never realized that it is possible to become richer, he would not have worked hard to get to where he is. He set a goal when he met them, and all he had to do was to continue to work hard to reach that goal. And so he did.

You see, the expectations that you have of yourself play a huge role in your life. It serves as your source of motivation. It makes you feel as if you have latched on to something possible, reachable. It stirs that something inside that keeps telling you that you “thing” is the reach of your grasp if you continue to work hard enough. This is the influence of psychology. Don’t you think that it is possible that just by thinking that it is possible for you to think harder and learn faster, your brain might just do the same perform at a new level?

Examine the evidence

After you have viewed yourself with new and better perspective, then the time has come for you to become more attentive to the things around you which can serve as an evidence that you are about to reach your goal. After you have done all of the affirmations, you will eventually need some hard proof. Take special note of your progress, regardless of whether it seems too small or too big. Focus on your developments. You will soon realize that the more you begin to appreciate your small developments, more of them would soon follow.

So, in looking at your own brain and its development, if you work at it, you can improve your mind’s performance. The improvements may not be as dramatic as you might like, but there will surely be some changes. Make note of these changes, and soon you will realize that the cumulative or additive effect of these small changes will amount to a big alteration to your mind’s functioning.

Think of yourself as better, your mind will soon live up to your expectations.


Photo Credit: twm1340 via Compfight cc