Appreciating What You’ve Got

Do you appreciate everything that you’ve got? I ask this because if you don’t, then the odds of you being happy are not very likely. What you need to understand is that the only way to be completely happy is to appreciate everything you have and work towards everything that you want. What I suggest is that you figure out what you have and are proud of and then determine what you don’t have and what it will take in order to get that. Trust me, this may seem pointless but it really does work.

Did you know that when you appreciate what you’ve got then you will be much happier? Most people don’t know this because most people don’t appreciate everything that they have.

What do you appreciate in your life?

Job – Do you appreciate your job and the satisfaction that comes from it? I ask this because most people hate their job and wish they could get out of in somehow. What you need to realize is that any employment that you have should be appreciated. Just think, where would you be without your current job? Would you be homeless? Would you have all the nice things that you currently have? My guess is that without a job you would not be where you are today, right?

Home – Having a roof over your head it something that you must appreciate no matter how big or nice the home is. Even if you live in a tiny house that doesn’t have enough room for all your stuff, it is at least better than what many other people have. There are people in this world that live in the sides of mountains, underneath trees, and live in parks because they are not as fortunate to have a home. If you think about all of these people and then compare them to yourself you will notice that your life is not so bad.

Relationships – One of the most important things in a person’s live is their relationships. Whether you have one great relationship and all the rest are just ok doesn’t mean you have bad relationships, it means that you cherish one over the others. What you need to understand is that every relationship should be appreciated because you never know when you will need to rely on one of your friends/family members.

Health – If you don’t appreciate your health, then you need to make a change today. If you are not extremely healthy, then you still need to understand that there is always something worse than where you currently are. Most people who are overweight, have cancer, or some other life altering illness find that it has made them stronger, not weaker. Just know that you should appreciate everything healthy about you, no matter what it may be.

Finances – If you appreciate all the money that you have or don’t have, then you will be a much happier person. A lot of people out there think that they should have more money than they actually do and because of this they resent all the decisions that they have made. Just know that your finances are not the most important thing in the world, however, they can make a huge difference on how you feel about yourself.

As you can see, it is highly important to appreciate everything that you’ve got. Most people who read this will take this and start to question their lives and that is exactly what I want to have happen. Whether you like the life that you have or not doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you learn to appreciate everything that you have and make your life better because of it.