Car pools, hybrid cars, and public transit are all green methods of commuting, but I will argue that cycling is the greenest of them all.

This past May I participated in Seattle’s Cascade bicycle club’s commuter challenge. I recently switched jobs and my commute went from 25 miles by car to 5 miles by bike. That May was my first month riding and while it can get really rainy in Seattle I still managed to ride 70% of my work days for a total of 150 miles that May.

I told myself if the chance of rain was less that 40% I would ride. That May I burned an estimated 7,443 calories riding to work. It’s now nearly the end of September and I love riding to work. I realize that not everyone has a situation where it makes sense to ride a bike to work, but if you’re considering it maybe this infographic from BikeGuard will help you decide.

There are nearly 731,268 people who commute by bicycle, the following interactive graphic lets you switch between each state to see how each ranks. The District of Columbia has the largest percentage of bike commuters, followed by Oregon, and Alaska.

Click image to open interactive version (via BikeGuard).

Benefits of riding to work:

  • The average person will burn 53-63 calories per mile
  • Riding a bike will wake you up and put you in a better mood
  • Save money on gas and maintenance for your car
  • Mother nature will thank you
  • Not having to deal with traffic jams

Tips of riding your bike to work for beginners:

  • Wear a helmet – I don’t care if messes up your hair, wear one
  • Obey traffic laws – many states require automobiles and bicycles to share the road. Learn hand signals and be courteous of motor vehicles, they will return the favor
  • Bring a change of clothes – you are going to get sweaty
  • Using a backpack is great but can make you more sweaty, consider using a bike rack with panniers
  • Wearing sunglasses or glasses with clear, yellow, or amber lenses will keep road grime out of your eyes

According to the infographic more and more people are riding bikes to work each day. The green benefits and health benefits are proven. 731,268 people can’t be wrong about cycling to work. If you have any questions about riding to work, or if you have advice for a new commuter share them in the comments below.

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