It’s a black and white checkered pattern that is colored in with either marker, highlighter or pen. The inside layer has been peeling off for a few months. The straps are frayed at the end. It has character and it has been with me since eighth grade. What’s wrong with that? Does this sound familiar at all? This is what my backpack looked like at the end of last year. I’m sure many of yours looked similar. Well, so what? What is so bad about an old back pack? Let me tell you, it’s ugly. People may try to give you money on campus because they think you’re a homeless person. Another reason is because one of these days you will be strutting around school with your stunna shades on and riiiipppp. There goes your backpack with all of your books. Ultimate humiliation. Get a new backpack this year. It’ll spare you a lot of embarrassment. There are so many different kinds to get so you aren’t limited to one style. Check out these ideas so you can pick a new bag or backpack that you love.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

One option is to go with a kind of messenger bag. This can be a trendy option so for all you hipsters out there, I recommend this one for you. Some of you guys might think that these bags are girly. This is not true. I have already seen tons of guys this year with these messenger bags and they look great. A messenger bag is completely different than a purse so don’t get those two confused. Some good things about a messenger bag? You don’t have to take it off to get anything out of it. It lays against your thigh at such a perfect place so you can just reach down and grab anything you need out of it. Plus, in the summer heat, it won’t make your back sweaty…

The diverse purse

Alright-this section is for ladies only! Unless you are interested in purses guys. No? Ok, so moving on, purses make great book bags. Have you seen some of the purses today? There are purses bigger than my house out there in department stores! Maybe not that big. But they definitely are making purses big enough today that can hold your books or computer. The good thing about purses is that there are so many different options. Long strap, short strap. Rounded, square. Black, white. And tons more options where that came from! Make sure if you do get a purse for a book bag that you buy a really sturdy one. Sometimes purses can be cheap and if you have a lot of heavy things, your bag can break.

Get off my back! No wait, you can stay

Last, but definitely not least, the backpack! Most common and most popular item to put on your back when school rolls around. Backpacks are definitely for both boys and girls. There are tons of options that it might be hard to decide. One strong recommendation I can give from experience is the Jansport backpack. These backpacks are under lifetime warranty. They last a long time. They are also relatively inexpensive. Another great brand is Dakine. These are a little bit more pricey but they are so sturdy and they come in a lot of cool patterns. Remember to buy a backpack that you know you will like for a long time. Don’t buy it just because it matched your outfit that day. Try to get one that will be pretty versatile with your outfits and your schedule.

So go start your hunt. I know you want to get rid of that old backpack that you haven’t had the heart to throw it away. If you can’t bear to lose it, maybe you can stuff it and hang it on the wall. But better yet, just throw it out. Good luck!

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