How to Stay Focused

Whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a stay-at-home parent you still need to know how to stay focused. The problem that so many people have is they are distracted by pretty much anything and everything. Think about it, what have you done recently that you were distracted from for at least a minute? It is because of all of these little things that cause people to lose focus and get less done during the day.

Trust me, when it comes to staying focused it is all about knowing what has priority over everything else. In order to stay focused you need to be in control over everything that you do because once you lose control you will see that all your focus is being diverted to things that are less important or more time consuming.

Below I am going to give you my 4 methods to staying focused. All of these methods work and my advice to you is to use them all together. By practicing all of the following methods you will be able to stay focused even in the worst conditions imaginable.

How to Stay Focused

Try the 25/5 Method – Have you ever heard of the 25/5 method? This method is simply where you will work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break to do whatever it is that you want. For me, I use the 5 minutes to answer voicemails that were left during that time or to answer emails that I might have gotten. Just remember to use this time wisely as it is not time to go and play a game or watch YouTube videos.

Wear Ear Plugs – Yes, buy some heavy duty ear plugs and wear then so that you can focus on whatever it is that requires your attention. I know many CEO’s and presidents of companies that do this on a daily basis because if not they would always hear their phone ring or their assistant calling for them.

Understand When To Say No – Is there ever a time when you want to say, “No” but you know that you just can’t? Well, in this method you need to understand when to say, “No” and why you should be ok with that. A lot of people think that telling somebody, “No” is a sign of disrespect but the truth is that when somebody is wasting your time or distracting you from things that are more important then that is disrespectful.

Practice – Like with anything else in this world, you need to practice in order to stay focused. The biggest problem that I see from many powerful people is that they only make it a priority to stay focused when they are on a deadline. It is because of this very reason that I recommend you make everything you do due at a certain time. For example, if you are cooking dinner then make sure you have a set time when it needs to be done or else you face certain consequences. I know this sounds a bit strange but you need to practice and with practice comes perfection.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you need to be able to focus on specific tasks when they require your attention. So many people understand what some of the adverse affects of not being focused are but they usually don’t care because the consequences that they give themselves are not harsh enough to instill fear into them.

Just do yourself a favor and use the 4 methods above in order to stay focused. Some of these methods might seem a bit odd at first but once you realize how well they work you will be glad that you are using them.