Find the best life insurance companyThere are countless options to choose from, so how do you find the best life insurance company to buy a term policy from?

Many people turn to the Internet, thinking it will be easy. You can find anything on the Internet, right?

Well, not when it comes to getting the information you need to locate the best deal on term life insurance. There are a variety of life insurance websites, but they each have limitations you should be aware of when shopping for the best life insurance company.

Types of Life Insurance Websites

Sites with Limited Choice – Many websites offer a limited number of term life insurance carriers to choose from. That’s because they keep these leads for their in house agency and they get higher commission rates the more volume they sell for a carrier.  So it’s in their best interests to guide all their website visitors to just a handful of carriers- even if it’s not in your best interest. In fact, “captive” agents sell for only one carrier and therefore have even more limited choices.

Lead Sellers – These sites don’t directly sell insurance; instead they sell your information to agents who may be either captive or independent; or they sell your “lead” to other lead sellers.

These sites probably have a larger carrier selection, but they offer no guidance. There is no way for you to know how policies compare other than by price. It’s difficult to know what rating you can actually qualify for and visiting one of these sights often leads to a barrage of phone calls and emails from multiple agents trying to get to you first.

Independent Agent Sites – Sites like ours offer a quote engine with more information than you’ll find elsewhere, including critical information about underwriting guidelines and carriers’ financial strength. Our quote engine gives you pricing for the top three or four health ratings and shows you actual underwriting guidelines so that you can better estimate your rating. Additionally, independent agents work with numerous carriers, so you’ll find even more carrier selection on our website than you will on sights that sell leads.

No Site Matches Industry Experience

But as much as we recommend our website’s quote engine compared to other life insurance quote engines, we don’t recommend that anyone decide on the best life insurance and the best company for you based solely on an Internet quote.

It can save you a lot of time, money and headache to get advice from an unbiased independent agent with years of experience helping people of all ages and health conditions find the best value among all the carriers out there. Working with an independent agent can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve gotten the best deal possible.

A quality independent agent can help you find carriers that offer:

  • Level-term products (i.e., the premium and face amount don’t change for the duration of the term).
  • Good conversion options for allowing term policyholders to switch from a term to  a permanent policy without any underwriting.
  • A range of riders (e.g., child riders, accelerated death benefit option, etc.).
  • Underwriting standards designed to attract people in your age and/or health situation.

An independent life insurance agent has your best interests in mind.  The goal is to find you the best policy, pricing and company to fit your needs.  As each insurance carrier has some slight differences in their underwriting guidelines, working with an agent who knows these differences can save you money, time and frustration.

The Bottom Line

The Internet is a good place to start shopping for the best life insurance company to meet your needs. But buying life insurance is too important a decision to rely only on the information you get can get on the Internet—even from the best of life insurance websites.

Do yourself a financial favor and get professional advice directly from an experienced, independent insurance agent. You and your family will be happy you did.

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