A stressful day at work is the worst! A stressful day when it’s your own business is the absolute worst! So here are my 5 tips for dealing with business stress.

Take A Step Back

In our personal lives and business lives, it can be really hard to see the wood for the trees when you’re stuck in the thick of it. It’s really hard to think clearly when you’re in the middle of a business issue. And that is when the stress builds. Take a step back and look at the problem through fresh eyes. Try not to make a hasty decision when you feel stressed. Sleep on it. Try looking at the issue from a different perspective. If it’s another person that is causing you stress then try looking at the issue through their eyes. Either way, don’t sit and stew in a situation. Take a step back and try to be objective rather than overwhelmed.

Take A Break

Just like taking a step back, taking a break will do you the world of good. Have a day off. Or if you can’t do that take an afternoon off. Just do something that doesn’t involve sitting at your desk and being stressed. Get out, take a walk. If you’re really stuck for time just take 10 minutes to step outside and get some fresh air. All of this will help you to clear your head and deal with the issues you face in a much calmer way.

Write It Down

Very often if we are stressed we can get lost in our own thoughts and unable to think logically. Write down whatever is on your mind. Even if you just brain dump it all onto paper you will feel better for it. Getting everything out of your head and on to paper will also help you to make logical sense of what is stressing you out and help you to resolve it.

Talk About It

Having a business buddy is not only great for holding you accountable, but it’s also great for when you need an ear to listen to you. Often when we are stressed we talk to whoever is closest and will listen. But unless they understand our business or even just what it’s like to be in business then they probably don’t have a clue what we are on about. Sound things out to your business buddy. Don’t expect them to have a solution but they might just be able to help you figure it all out.

Celebrate Your Wins

When things aren’t going well we often forget just how far we’ve come. Starting a business is damn hard work. Growing a business is really hard work. There will always be ups and downs and it will never be all plain sailing. There will be stressful times. And times when it feels like absolutely nothing is going your way. But during these times remember to give yourself a little pat on the back for all that you have achieved. Celebrate your wins and be proud of them. So far you have a 100% survival rate. You can do this!