Throughout my upward journey, I have come to recognize an important fact: I would not have come as far as I have if it were not for the support I have received from colleagues, friends and family. Support is such a crucial element to success, no matter what goal one is aiming for.

Whether you are striving to lose weight, restore health or explore options for financial independence, there is a lot of pressure to face when trying to achieve a goal. When it comes to professional success, support is something that is often overlook. Many think: Why would someone who is aiming for independence need the help of others? However, there are many ways having a source of support—such as a team of peers, a mentor, partner or a coach—can help one’s professional dreams become a reality.

If you are a professional looking to launch the next phase of your career or take the next step in a new direction, here are a few reasons why you should not travel the roads alone:

  • Support is a Sounding Board

When you are trying to establish success, you will have a lot of ideas running in your head. Those ideas won’t stop when you reach your definition of “success” either. In fact, you may have more of them.

Ideas are a great thing, especially when you are trying to make your success a personal journey. However, these concepts are only brought to reality through careful deliberation and strategy. As such, it really helps to have others on your side who understand where you are coming from and what your goals are to provide advice on whatever ideas or struggles you are facing.

Having support on hand means being able to put your ideas to the test before you act on them and to express problems before deciding on a solution. While those who provide support do not always have to approve of what is going through your mind, these individuals are instrumental to helping you better think of how certain steps in your career will reflect in both the short and long term.

  • Support Provides Inspiration

While friends and family are always a great source of support, it helps to have those who are working toward similar goals, or working in a similar industry, to be in your corner. Like-minded individuals do not just provide greater insight on what you may be struggling with, but they may also provide inspiration.

When you are slowing down and getting into the groove, a colleague’s new initiative could be just what is needed to motivate you to pick up the pace again. Likewise, a mentor’s career path could illustrate the opportunity you have to succeed, showing that success is possible with hard work and determination.

Simply surrounding yourself with positive people working toward similar goals is a great way to stay focused and keep thought processes flowing. How those who support you solve their own problems is a real opportunity to learn from them and apply similar principles to your own professional challenges.

  • Support is Great to Give

One of the most positive aspects of having supporters at your side is that this relationship does not always have to follow a one-way street. While mentors and colleagues can help you brave career challenges, they may also come to you for support.

Having others come to you is an honor in itself, but helping them solve problems and work through ideas can be incredibly rewarding to your own goals. In many cases, helping others in your support circle can make it easier to solve your own problems. Since many of us will miss out on important details when trying to work through career challenges, navigating others is a great way to recognize similar struggles in your peers. By providing them support, you, in turn, provide support back to yourself.

Finding Support for the Future

Far too often, people believe that success is something they must achieve on their own—something that is only possible when adhering to the concept of a “dog eat dog” world.

Fortunately, I have found that success is even greater when goals are not worked at alone, but worked on with the support of others. In fact, it has been the cornerstone of building my success through my efforts with Isagenix.

Guided by the help provided by my own team and mentor, I have been able to expand my reach and change many lives by providing reliable, health-related solutions. I have learned from my peers and been able to pass on knowledge to others. I have found greater confidence through their positive criticism and problem solving.