Happy Wife, Happy Life

I am sure you have heard of this before – “Happy wife, Happy life”, right? This is what a lot of men say about their lives and to why they have a good life. Now, is it true? Well, that is open to interpretation being that all men and women are different.

Now, I bet you are wondering where I am going with this, huh?

The reason I want to talk about the, “Happy wife, happy life” saying is because I believe there is much more to it than that. By this I am talking about the term, “Wife”. What does that really mean? Yes, I understand that it refers to the women in the marriage, however, is that all it refers to?

The term “Wife”, to me represents something that I love and cherish. Now, what do you love and cherish?

Here is an example of what I mean. For me, I could say, “Happy child, happy life” because I love my child. Now, what if you love to golf, this could be translated to that as well. All you need to understand is that the saying holds true, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be revolving around a wife.

Advice on Living a Happy Life

Stay True To Your Beliefs – What do you believe in? Do you believe in God and want to keep him in your everyday life? Do you believe in respecting the people around you? Everybody has beliefs that they need to stay true to because if they don’t, then they are really not being true to themselves. Now, this may be a tough one to completely understand right now, however, once you stay true to your beliefs you will easily live a happier life.

Do What You Love – Everybody has stuff that they love and that is what makes them also love their life. When you do what you love you will like your life that much more. For example, people who work at a job they hate won’t be happy with where they are currently at. Now, think about those other people who are at their dream job, these people love life and everything about it.

Don’t Take a Day for Granted – The problem that many people have with their life is they waste days more than anything else. When you waste a day you will notice very quickly that your mood changes. The reason I say this is because many people waste their days off and when they do that they will get upset at themselves because now they are forced to do all their stuff once they are off work. As you can imagine, this is not what anybody wants to do right when they get off work.

Surround Yourself With Positive People – When you are surrounded by people that are positive, then you will be an overall positive person. If you look around at the people who are unhappy with their life you will notice that they have more negative people in their life. Now, if this is you, then spend much less time with the negative people in your life and become closer with those positive people.

Trust Your Decisions – Just because you make a choice in your life doesn’t mean you will be happy with those choices. You will only be happy with your choices if you trust the decision you made. By trusting your decisions you will start to believe deep down that you have been making the correct decisions for the majority of your life.

Living a happy life is not impossible, but it will be tougher than living a miserable life. Just keep that in mind as you go through life.