Credit: Commons/Wikimedia

Credit: Commons/Wikimedia

This past week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shed more light about his lap band surgery in an interview on People Magazine.  It was disclosed in May that the potential presidential candidate for 2016, who is noticeably trimmer, had the weight loss surgery on Feb. 16.

The 50-year-old Republican says he no longer has a compulsive obsession with food.  “This seems, at least for the first 13 weeks, to be getting at the root of the problem, which is that I was hungry all the time,” says Christie. “I’m not nearly as interested in food as I used to be.”

The governor is now working out regularly and following a healthy, portion-controlled diet.  Christie has lost over 40 pounds since undergoing the gastric-band procedure which results in the patient having a much lower calorie diet.

The surgery involves having a silicone band placed around the stomach to create a pouch the size of a golf ball.  The procedure limits the amount of food the patient is able to ingest.

There are also dietary adjustments after the lap band surgery, according to Spartos, a company that makes and distributes protein water.  Patients who undergo gastric bypass, along with those who have diabetes, often ingest protein water to help with their recovery.

“Following [weight loss] surgery, it’s critical to get high-quality protein and water . . . [which enables] not only short-term recovery, but long-term health and wellness,” according to Spartos’ website.  “Protein is made up of amino acid chains . . . . It is a vital macronutrient whereas people don’t need taurine.”

Christie has been married to his wife Mary Pat for nearly 27 years.  “I could not conceive of not being hungry [before getting lap-band],” he said. “The real turning point for me was turning 50. I turned 50 in September and I just felt like I had been really fortunate from a health perspective and that I hadn’t paid any price at all for being really overweight.”

In May, the governor blasted the media for reporting on his weight loss surgery, suggesting that the procedure shouldn’t be considered news.