You may or may not have noticed Google’s Knowledge Graph helping to enrich your experience while using the powerful search engine. Google’s Knowledge Graph is a sidebar that goes above and beyond the simple keyword you entered and gives you comprehensive yet compact information about your search term. A new piece of the Knowledge Graph will give users detailed information about medications.

The detailed information isn’t a replacement for medical advice from your healthcare provider, rather a new tool in the e-patients tool bag. Medication details will come directly from the FDA Library of Medicine Information, Micromedex, DailyMed, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Knowledge Graph will display important links with in-depth information about the medication, possible side effects, related medications, and more. If you’re curious what else the Knowledge Graph can do, check out the brief video below.

Is the medication feature in Google’s Knowledge Graph something you would use? Go ahead a do a quick search for a medication and let us know what you think about it. Leave a comment below.