Good Running Gear Is Gold, When Actually AvailableThere was no choice from the start. My wonder woman of a mother has run almost 12 marathons, most of which were in-between kids, raising the my brother, sister, and I (sorry mom), and during training she’d be home every Sunday after running 22 miles to cook us brats some pancakes (even though I always told her I liked French toast more).

Running is in my blood, and my body enjoys it, not to say I do all the time. But I’m not the only one. Running is an outlet and in fact has a number of scientifically identified benefits.

  1. It is one of the very best activities for weight loss. It works quickly and burns more
    calories per minute than your silly elliptical you claim works you out harder.
  2. It keeps you stronger, longer. Running requires you to push the body to a higher level of intensity, but this strain keeps our insides healthy. It also promotes human growth hormone, keeping you looking young.
  3. It gets you high. Quite literally too. I don’t need science to help me prove this one, I can tell you after I get going and run through my list of mental complaints and finally settle into a rhythm you feel it. The release of endorphins that brings you back to center makes you look around and appreciate the beautiful day and the opportunity to be putting one foot in front of the other running for just the simple joy.
  4. It helps turn a stressful day into an enjoyable night. Stress impacts more than just our mood, it hampers our ability to perform at work, affects our relationships, and can cause us to make some poor decisions around our health (but that margarita tastes so good…). By going for a run rather than getting a drink or staying stressed, it causes you to focus on other things and your body will begin to naturally secrete hormones that will make you feel better.
  5. It’s good for the brain helping you grow new nerve cells, fight off dementia, improve decision making, and improve your memory recall.

It’s not just about going out and doing it, it’s about getting it done in the very best running gear out there. I’m a firm believer in if you’re in the right outfit; anything is possible, especially when it comes to running. There is nothing worse than trying to focus on your pace when your cotton t-shirt is making your armpits bleed.

Runners are pretty loyal people, when we find the running gear we like we stick to it. We depend on the tried and true, wearing it for every long training session. This dedication can lead to some pretty run down outfits, and occasionally it happens the week of a race.

Now the only worse than bleeding armpits, is going to the sporting goods or running store a few days before a race only to find out your favorite shirt is out of stock and it will take two weeks to replenish.

Don’t these people know there’s a solution to fix that? Take Under Armour for example, by using a supply chain solution they can manage inventory so their dedicated runners can be confident no matter which store they visit, or look for it online, the gear will be there.

Check out how Under Armour, one of my personal favorite brands, is producing and delivering the best merchandise.