The other day, after another long workday, fourteen hours to be exact, I made the hour long drive home and wondered what I would possibly eat. After working for so long, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to my house and spend an hour cooking my dinner. I cringed internally as my exhaustion overcame my desire to eat healthy and I pulled into the drive-thru of my local fast food joint.

Every once in a while, this decision doesn’t do much damage. But if this is your weekly habit, if you are constantly overworked, overstressed, and find yourself having difficulty getting healthfully prepared meals, this fast-food urge can become a problem. A big fat, obesity-sized problem.

With the staggering numbers of American adults suffering from obesity-related problems such as Diabetes and heart disease, employees’ health and diet has become a concern to many employers. If reducing the number of sick days each employee needs can increase worker productivity and in-office efficiency, then more employers should encourage their employees to monitor their health, including the types of foods they put in their bodies.

One way some employers encourage their workers to stay fit is by offering memberships and discounts to nearby gyms. But could staying fit for work and maintaining a healthy diet be as simple as a few clicks in an online interface?

According to Caroline J. Cederquist, MD, who has 20 years of medical experience and founded bistroMD, a food delivery program fitted to the doctor’s nutritional platform for metabolic correction, the ability for a person to manage their weight is affected by several factors. These include age, hormonal changes, genetics and stress levels. “Yo-yo” dieting, a swinging back and forth between fad diets or no “diet” at all, is another contributing factor to weight issues.

And with programs in place like Dr. Cederquist’s diet delivery program, bistroMD, eating healthy while not taking time away from the office is an achievable goal. BistroMD’s program allows members to select their preferred ingredients and view lists of entrees that have been approved by the company’s Registered Dietitians. Every week entrees are delivered to the user’s home, fully cooked and fresh frozen. All the member needs to do is microwave and eat, which makes each meal an easy lunch to pack for the office.

So next time you’re considering swinging by another I’ll-hate-myself-tomorrow fast-food place, make a healthy choice and consider meal delivery service. Both you and your employer will thank you for saving yourselves an extra sick day.