wrestling for fitness

They call it the battle of the bulge because getting and keeping excess fat off is an on-going effort, especially as we start to age. Part of the problem is time, another issue is the nutritional value of most quick service meals and lastly sometimes working out is just boring.

Participants who choose a combat sport can get the exercise they need and find the fun they desire in order to stay active in the program. In addition participating in a combat sport allows the practitioner to learn the basics of hand to hand combat and typically the interest level rises due to the achievement associated with progress during training.  Here are a few combat sports that promise to burn the calories and improve self-defense skills.

Boxing- boxing is known as the sweet science. It teaches balance, hand speed, head movement, motion and punching power generation. Calories burned during boxing will vary depending on the intensity of the boxing regimen. Hitting the heavy bag will burn less calories per hour than sparring or actively competing in  match but for a 130lb person the amount of calories burn can range from 350-700+ calories in an hour.

Kickboxing- kickboxing is very similar to boxing in that it teaches balance, hand speed, power and movement however in kickboxing there is ample use of the legs and feet to strike as well. Timing and distance are also critical with kickboxing since the legs are much longer than the arms. A 130 pound person who is doing kickboxing for an hour can burn over 600 calories.

Judo- judo is a Japanese style of grappling that uses the very familiar gi, or judo outfit, in order to grip, throw or submit an opponent. Judo teaches a participant how to stay balanced when someone is attempting to bring them down as well as teaching how to throw or counter throw an opponent to the ground regardless of the size difference. While on the ground a person trained in Judo has the ability to choke out or secure an arm lock on an opponent. This style also uses a belt system to grade student. A 130 pound person taking Judo can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

Wrestling- wrestling is a grappling sport much like Judo however instead of a gi the athlete will wear a singlet during competition or simply shorts and a t shirt during practice. Wrestling is a resistance activity in addition to a cardiovascular activity. Wrestlers will be able to take an opponent down, resist an attempt at a takedown and be able to keep an opponent immobilized by using a variety of painful holds. A 130 pound person wrestling for 60 minutes can burn as many as 500 calories in an hour as well as getting resistance training benefit from the activity.

Getting in shape is more than just lowering calories or taking lipotropics, it is about consistency and dedication. Any of these styles has an incredible fat burning effect in addition to teaching the basics of unarmed self-defence. They are all sure to keep anybody practicing the system entertained and motivated to continue training which is the most important benefit of all the styles.