The backlash against the anti-vax movement, started by a now-debunked medical study in 1998 and amplified by celebrity voices, is growing exponentially as the current Disneyland measles outbreak continues to spread. There are now over 70 cases, and the epidemic may not yet have peaked. However, some believe this may be the outbreak that begins to turn the tide of public opinion back toward vaccination.

The outbreak is, without question, starting conversations.

On Reddit, one user shared this image she says is from her pediatrician’s office. It’s quickly gone viral, being reposted in various locations and getting thousands of upvotes and shares.

In the thread attached to that image, people tell the stories of the conversations the Disneyland measles outbreak is inspiring. One redditor talks about her grandmother’s reaction to the news.

It baffled an 80 year old to explain that people in america would forego it. She regales me on how polio, mumps, and all other sorts of fun illnesses would wipe out kids back in the day. So when she had kids she was all about preventing them from being put in an iron lung.

The difference between how these preventable diseases are viewed today, largely by people who’ve never seen them, and by people who watched loved ones suffer and succumb to what are now preventable illnesses, is a striking image.

NPR interviewed Seth Moonkin, author of The Panic Virus. Moonkin doesn’t think that the outbreak has yet run its course, and he suggests that one concern is it hitting an anti-vax community.

I think we’re still, thankfully, not in a worst-case scenario, which is you get an infection in a community where you have a really, really high number of unvaccinated children, and all of a sudden, you know, from one day to the next, you go from 70 cases to 100 cases.

Measles, Forbes reminds us, is preventable, but not curable. It can kill, and it can leave victims with lifelong disabilities, including blindness or deafness. Infants under a year old are not yet vaccinated for the disease, and at least four are sick in this outbreak. Another thirty small children have been quarantined, being exposed to the disease by the presence of an unvaccinated child at a hospital.

As the Disneyland measles outbreak grows, outrage at the anti-vax movement is growing with it, and there’s no sign yet that either the outbreak or the backlash are ending. The anti-vax movement, however, may be hearing the first tolling of its death knell.