Designing your Life

Many of have an idea of the life we’d like to live, it may include a large house with a fancy car parked in the driveway, the woman of your dreams, and the ability to take several holidays each and every year to exotic destination. On the other hand there are plenty who when asked, aren’t sure of the answer and when put on the spot can’t seem to come up with much.

If this life is the only chance you get shouldn’t you not only have a crystal clear idea of what it is you’d like out of it? It’s not like this is a rehearsal for the next time unless you subscribe to the reincarnation philosophy, but why take the chance?

Live With Purpose

There is a popular phrase or quote by the author Mary Anne Radmacher that was used in the movie “Hitch” that goes “Begin each day as if it were on purpose” and life is no different. We should be living it with a single minded purpose with the intent of getting out (and putting into it) as much as we can manage.

Where to Start?

Schedule a day to yourself with the sole intention of figuring out what it is you’d actually desire from life if you could have absolutely anything. Keep in mind that it’s rarely the item itself as much as what that item means to us. I’m sure a million dollars sounds great, but in reality who among us really needs a huge stack of paper? It can usually be broken down into something smaller such as a home, or freedom, security, etc. that we actually desire.

Make a List

Start listing out the items you’d really like to incorporate into your life, it may help (though this won’t be the determining factor) you to think what would I actually do with a million (or ten) dollars? What if I knew I couldn’t fail what would I attempt in life? Or perhaps what would I do if I knew I was going to be on this earth for the next 150 years? Attempt to determine what it is that is actually important to you, quite often people are surprised by the results they come up with.

Prioritize your Dreams

Now you can choose to prioritize in a couple of different ways here. One, you can take the simplest or most easily attainable of your goals and list them first graduating to the harder ones as you progress down your list. The second way is to my how important each goal is to and your happiness regardless of difficulty.

Now What?

Regardless of which method you used to rank your life’s dream goals the next step is the same for both. Figure out which actions will bring you close to the first goal on the list on your list. It might be easier than you’d imagine achieving some of them. If marrying the girl of your dreams is on that list, and you’re already dating her, well make a commitment to the both of you and do something about it!

If running your own business or owning your own home is on there, make sure to list out some first steps that can be taken in order to help you realize those goals. It’s important to start taking action not only now, but consistently over time so that you realize the progress you’re making toward your dream.

As you start to achieve the items on your list you’ll gain confidence, and realize that the only thing holding you back from living “the dream” was your own thinking.

Now at this point you’ll have a clear idea of just what’s important to you in life, and have an idea of what steps you can start taking toward achieving them. The rest is up to you! Take action, and live the life you not only want, but deserve.