A local child in Rhode Island has died after contracting the enterovirus D68. News of the child’s death was released by the  Rhode Island Department of Health

The child died from a combination of Staphylococcus aureus sepsis and enterovirus D68. The rare combination is known to cause severe illness in both children and adults.

Following the young child’s death,  Michael Fine, M.D., Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health said, “We are all heartbroken to hear about the death of one of Rhode Island’s children.” Dr. Fine stresses that the combination of diseases that led to the child’s death are very rary. “Many of us will have EV-D68. Most of us will have very mild symptoms and all but very few will recover quickly and completely. The vast majority of children exposed to EV-D68 recover completely,” Fine revealed.

The 10-year-old girl died last week. Her parents called 911 after their daughter complained of shortness of breath. Within 24 hours after arriving at the hospital the young girl passed away.

The child has no underlying health problems that would have contributed to her sickness and death.

While enterovirus D68 was present in the patients body, doctors can not determine at this time what role it played in her rapidly declining health.

Dr. Fine explains how the “perfect storm” of sickness is not likely to occur.  “Most of us who have colds, have colds. It is exceptionally rare for something like this to happen,” the doctor revealed. “Enterovirus is out there. This is nothing different from the normal set of viruses out there.”

Typically enterovirus D68 sufferers will experience a runny nose and fever, but very few other symptoms, and almost never death.

After the young girl’s passing, doctors are reminding parents that shortness of breath is a serious matter that should be dealt with immediately.