A Caesarian can ruin your sex life.

The relationship between C-sections and sex has recently entered the spotlight with women in Brazil insisting on the procedure as a means to preserve their enjoyment of sex to the fullest.

The percentage of Brazilian women giving birth following a caesarean procedure is at an all-time high of 52%. That includes about 40% of women at state hospitals and 84% of women at private hospitals.

And, according to one expert, their insistence on the procedure is based on a popular misconception.

“The Brazilian woman is concerned with her sexuality and fears that giving birth will alter the perineum, which is a myth,” said Vera Fonseca, the director of the Brazilian Federation of Gynecological Associations.

In fact, C-sections could have a negative impact on a women’s sex life.

Dr. Arun Ghosh works at the Liverpool Spire One clinic. He said: “[W]hen it comes to your sex life, [caesareans are] not always a good choice – in fact, although you’ll retain vaginal tightness, which is great for your partner, there’s nothing about the procedure which is great for you.”

“Caesarean sections can actually make vaginal intercourse more painful,” he said. “There’s a greater risk of surgical scarring around your uterus, and you’re much more vulnerable to infection.”

Ghosh also had a warning for women who prefer to climax during sex.

“There’s also the hormone issue to consider. With a vaginal birth, your body gets to release all the hormones that have been built up over the course of the pregnancy. Dramatic hormone changes can cause anorgasmia, which means that you can’t orgasm regardless of what’s happening in the vaginal area. There’s a greater chance of this happening following a c-section as your hormonal balance isn’t naturally restored,” he said.

The bottom line, according to Ghosh, is that a vaginal birth is not only preferable for the mother, but also for the baby. Newborns are more likely to have breathing problems if they come out before they’re ready.

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