So, you started off the current year with the resolution to exercise hard and get back in shape. But after six months, it seems that you have been very much negligent to your new year exercise plan. Making another resolution in the middle of the year is a wiser option. It is stick to your exercise plan till you return to your perfect shape.

Exercise Plan

Regular exercise is one of the things you can do for ensuring long-term good health. While starting out, exercising may seem easy. But the hard part follows next. It is remaining loyal to the exercise regimen once the excitement fades away.

Here are some useful tips that may encourage you to stick to it and keep the excitement level intact.

Set Goals That Are Reachable

An article published in the Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School emphasizes that it is good to start by establishing a long-term goal like, walking at least, 30 minutes a day every week and then, splitting into small monthly targets. During the first month you should focus on walking for 10 minutes three days a week. Start adding a day to your regimen from the second month onwards. After that, start adding an extra 5 minutes of walk every two weeks. This should continue till you reach your goal.

If you are biking or working with weights instead of walking, you may stick to the same plan.

Make Exercise a Fun Activity

You can follow a plan sincerely only when you are enjoying doing it. If you are not having fun at workouts, it is better to explore something different. Try out a sport – soccer, softball or volleyball. Or else, get enrolled into martial arts classes. Take a brisk walk at the mall and do some window shopping. The purpose is to exercise in a way which makes you happy.

exercise-a fun activity

If you find traditional ways of exercising boring, there is no sense in sticking to such a dull exercise plan. Freshen up with a brand new activity.

Working out is even more fun with a friend. Martina Navratilova says when your exercise partner is faster and stronger than you; it will boost you to perform at your best.

Schedule Time for Exercise

In this aspect you need to be really strict for your good. Take exercise as an equally important activity like other regular tasks. Devote time to exercise. If you plan to visit the gym on your way to home from office, make sure to keep the gym bag in your car.

Schedule time

There are interesting ways to exercise. Walk on a treadmill while watching TV or take a walk during your child’s swimming class.

Don’t Give Up

Making an exercise a part of your daily routine may be difficult but not something impossible. You should not think about giving up when you go on a trip or suffer from an illness. Think about getting back on the track as early as possible.

Keep Track and Celebrate When You Succeed

Maintain a chart of how close you have come to fulfill your goals. Keep track of your improvement and see how you will like to stick to your exercise plan for the long term.


Do not forget to reward yourself when you reach your goal. Even if it is a short-term goal you have achieved, there must be celebration to enjoy the moment and feel motivated to reach the long-term one. Indulge in your hobbies; this is the best way to reward yourself for your success.