Clarifying some HCG Diet Questions

hcg diet shots

Many wonder if it is wise to start a fitness program while on a low calorie diet like the HCG diet. The answer will largely depend on what your calorie intake will be your fitness level and your overall health. Before we begin to discuss fitness routines we will 1st discuss what the HCG diet is.

How does HCG work?

The HCG diet protocol was designed by Dr. Simeons after realizing that malnourished women were still giving birth to normal sized and healthy children. Dr. Simeons determined that it was the fat stores the women had that supplemented the fetus’s nutritional requirements. It was later determined that HCG was the key to this process, even in healthy normal women HCG stimulates the fat stores to be used as nutrition for the fetus until the time when the woman begins to “eat for 2”. This makes perfect sense considering many women do not know for weeks or sometimes months that they are pregnant and have not taken steps to ensure that they are delivering proper nutrition to their unborn child.

How does this affect you?

The argument for using this diet is that when supplemented with HCG Injections that you can also go on a very low calorie diet and the HCG will trigger the use of fat to take care of your nutritional and energy needs. As mentioned a moment ago, the fact that you are metabolizing fat more efficiently means that you will still have the energy needed to make it through your day.

What are some pitfalls?

The biggest issue is that even though your body is metabolizing fat for energy and nutritional use that does not mean that your stomach is going to cooperate. It will still feel empty when empty and you still will have some hunger pangs even when your body has enough energy to carry on.

Another down side is that many retailers are selling homeopathic HCG or HCG drops which contain and deliver very little to no useable HCG. The FDA has come out and stated that they disapprove of homeopathic HCG. This can lead people to believe that HCG is ineffective without getting real HCG delivered in the correct manner, via shots.

What are some solutions?

If you find you cannot eat a very low calorie diet (500-700 calories) then you have to offset that with fitness. There have been people who have reported that they have seen weight loss by dropping calories to 1000-1500 calories a day and adding a few days a week of weight training or cardiovascular exercise. This is perfectly acceptable but it is also important to remember that the end result should be for your body to use as much of the fat that you have stored in your body as possible. HCG is to be cycled for 30 days on and then at least 30 days off before you go on another cycle, so discipline is the key.

Another solution is to make sure that you are getting REAL HCG and not using homeopathic or HCG drops. While you certainly will lose weight (even on fake drops) by reducing your calories, the difference will be you will be losing fat AND muscle along the way. The idea is to lose as much of the fat as you can and retain as much of the muscle as you can at the same time.

In closing, the diet you choose to go on is a personal choice but if you decide to go on the HCG diet be sure to make the right decisions in order to get the best results.

*Disclaimer- HCG Injections have a variety of approved medical uses but at this time weight loss is not one of them. Please take time to study and research as much as possible before starting ANY weight loss regimen.

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