Advice on Taking Advice from Others

Are you trying to improve your life but don’t know the right way to take advice from others? How much advice do you get from others? I ask these because most people understand the benefit of getting advice but they don’t know the right way to really accept it.

Should you argue with the person giving you the advice? No.

Should you walk away from somebody going out of their way to help you out? No.

It is imperative that you take any and all advice that you get and try to work it into whatever it is that you are doing. Where many people make the mistake is that they will stand there and listen to the person who is giving them the advice but they won’t do anything further than that. What I suggest is that you take the advice that was given to you and use it. This may be difficult at first being that you don’t know how good the advice is but in the end you will probably be glad that you listened.

So, let me give you some advice on taking advice from others.

Advice on Taking Advice

Listen Before You Speak – This is great advice whether you are getting advice or not. Most people are thinking about what they are going to say even before the other person is done talking and that is not what you want to do. The best thing for you to do is wait for the other person to finish talking and then think about what you will say. Another thing you need to understand is that it is never a good idea to interrupt the individual who is talking if you haven’t heard everything they had to say and don’t have some kind of time sensitive to say.

Don’t Space Off – When getting advice you need not to space off. If you already know what the person is going to say, then act like you don’t. It is courteous to stay in tune with what the person is saying even if it is not interesting to you and you don’t care for what they are talking about at that moment.

Always Thank The Person For The Advice – A good thing to get in the habit of doing is to thank anybody for giving you some advice. Whether the advice was really good or not doesn’t matter, you need to be thankful that the person is taking time out of their day to help you out. I know that saying thank you to somebody that is giving away bad advice may seem like a pointless act but it is important to show kindness to everybody you come in contact with.

Write It Down If You Have To – If you don’t have a very good memory, then write down the advice that people give you. I didn’t believe in this one until one day a wise man told me something that I thought was brilliant and then I later forgot what he said. Just know that taking a minute to write down some great advice is well worth it if that specific advice could come back to benefit you sometime in the future.

When it comes to getting advice you need to be just as open as you would want somebody else to be if you were the one giving the advice. Just think, would you like it if you tried to help somebody out and all they did was waste your time because they didn’t implement the advice that was given to them? My guess is that you wouldn’t like that, so don’t do the same thing to somebody else’s advice.