The greatest wealth is health.


Although you need to follow through with certain behaviors when you are seeking a healthier life style, many experts believe that healthy behaviors have their roots in our minds. What you think and believe will determine how well you will follow through and apply the paradigm of a healthy lifestyle in your everyday existence.

Here are a few mind strategies to galvanize your efforts for a healthy lifestyle:

1. Recognize your prior successes in life. Take some time to reflect on what you have been successful at in the past. Then, use those prior life successes to ignite your passion to live healthy.

  • Maybe you are proud of the fact you worked yourself through college.
  • Perhaps you are well-known as the co-worker to go to when seeking work knowledge.
  • Maybe you took care of your ailing mother and nursed her back to good health.
  • You can use these past successes to your advantage in the present!

2. Consider what is good and positive about your life right now. Perhaps you live in a lovely apartment located just where you want to be. Maybe you are currently in an awesome relationship and feeling optimistic about how it is progressing.

  • When you embrace the enrichment of your life, you will feel more motivated to strive for good health.

3. Think about the connections between a healthier lifestyle and a happy life. For example, reflect on how great you feel physically and emotionally when you eat a good breakfast. Also, take notice of how well you can relax and sleep when you skip that heavy snack in the evening.

  • When you recognize the intimate relationship between your daily lifestyle choices and your emotions, you will naturally become more focused on taking steps to live well.

4. Renew your commitment to your own health each day. Determine what you really want for yourself and your future.

  • What kind of lifestyle do you want? A life where you sit in front of the television all evening and most weekends or one where you are a lot more active, trying out new physical activities all the time, and discovering adventure?

5. Make it a personal goal to become physically and emotionally stronger. When you have physical strength, emotional strength isn’t far behind.

  • Vow to strengthen your core and get it into tip-top shape.
  • Tap into your courage to follow your path to a healthy lifestyle.

6. Realize that you can eat the flavors and foods you want in moderation. Use positive, optimistic thinking regarding nutrition. Avoid taking the approach that you must deny yourself of the tastes you love.

  • Instead, think that there is little you cannot have as long as you limit the portions. And then remind yourself of all the healthy good food you can have like juicy fruits, savory vegetables, and high protein snacks.

7. One day at a time. Living your life one day at a time helps to keep things simple and in perspective. Try saying to yourself, “Just for today, I will eat fresh and healthy foods and I will exercise.” Recognize that although tomorrow is another day, for now, you stay the course that you have chosen for increased vigor and vitality.

8. Remain emotionally connected to yourself. Choose to live life consciously. When you live life consciously, you recognize the power you hold in every decision. Pull from your energy to make positive choices from that power.

  • You will likely experience feelings of exhilaration and conscientiousness in your efforts!

9. Have faith and confidence in yourself. Get in touch with your self-confidence to take a clearer path toward vitality and longevity. Ponder these aspects that you already possess. Re-discover your fearlessness.

These strategies, will help you experience the sweet joy that comes with demonstrating a healthy lifestyle.

Go ahead.

You know you can do this!

Photo Credit: GloriaGarcía via Compfight cc