9 Easy Steps to a Healthier You

9 Easy Steps to a Healthier You Everyone I know wants more vibrant health, a body that’s toned and flexible and an abundance of energy. But did you know that there are only TWO reasons that you don’t have great health (or that you fear losing it)?

  1. You lack the awareness that your thoughts create your results, and
  2. You haven’t learned how to keep your mental attention focused on what you do want long enough for it to become your reality.

Whatever your mind believes, your body must express in an exact harmonious match. Fear-based thoughts and a focus on what you do not want result in attracting unwanted medical conditions, as if you’d ordered them from a menu. For example, you may have heard in the news that women should get tested for the BRCA gene mutation and then, if testing positive, have their ovaries removed to prevent cancer. Although preventative surgery may help a woman temporarily relieve her emotional stress about getting cancer, unless she also changes her fear-based thinking habits, she remains at risk for additional unwanted results—not only in her health but other areas of her life. You have the power to begin attracting the health you desire, no matter what condition your body is expressing today. If you align steadily and consistently with thoughts of wellness, your body will become healthier. That’s not a fanciful wish; that is a law of science. Here are nine ways to manifest improved health, starting today:

  1. Create a positive goal statement. Read it frequently to imprint the desire on your subconscious mind. “I am so happy and grateful now that my health is in the process of getting better and better every day. I enjoy vigorous vitality!”
  2. Stop mentally hanging out with illness. Avoid complaining about your body. That’s “Junk Food Thinking”. Align yourself with how it feels to be happy and healthy. This raises your energy vibration. Trick your mind into believing you already have the optimum results you desire, and your body will respond—it will change to match that imagined state of wellbeing.
  3. Stop comparing yourself. Notice when you’re comparing yourself to others, and worrying you’ll get their disease. Instead, model your thoughts and behavior after those who enjoy well-being.
  4. Pay attention. Be aware of when your thinking drifts into old notions about conquering disease. An emotional battle keeps you on the Fear Channel. By focusing on disease, even if you don’t get cancer, you’ll attract similar low-level conditions, such as job loss, an accident, and other unwanted events.
  5. Raise your joy radar. Use the powers of gratitude and forgiveness to elevate yourself onto the high vibration of the Joy Channel where everything you desire resides.
  6. Stop and think. Whenever you’re nervous or upset, use the “W.A.I.T.” process. My 9 Easy Steps to a Healthier Youacronym W.A.I.T. is a reminder to notice whether you are nurturing negative or positive thoughts by asking: What Am I Tweaking?
  7. Distract. Any time you find it difficult to keep your thoughts off what you don’t want to attract, distract yourself. Take a nap, go for a walk, play with your kids or pet, or watch a comedy movie. During that time, the relief you feel means you are not attracting the undesired results.
  8. Meditate daily. Click on this link to receive my FREE 3-Way Guilt & Stress Busters gift collection, which includes meditations to start using now.
  9. Align your thinking with all that is good and beautiful. So what if people say you’re not realistic? Reality is what has come into fruition from society’s collective negative thinking. Stop aligning with things you don’t want. Choose what you would love instead.

It may seem unfair that thinking about something you don’t want brings it to you. But once you grasp your power to create desired outcomes by focusing on what you do want, I think you’ll agree it’s not only possible but also definite that you’ll enjoy a healthier body from this day forward.

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