Travelling can be a lot of fun, you get to see and experience different cultures, meet different people, learn new things and experience stuff that you can cherish for rest of your life. Travelling has potential to become even more exciting when it is your company that is funding your expenses, you not only get to enjoy the paid for meals, but also a get time off from the hectic office routine for a while. However, while it can be refreshing to hop onto a business trip, it has its own challenges and eating right and staying healthy is one of them. In the following paragraphs we have compiled a list of tips & strategies that can ensure you don’t get sick during your trip.

Eat Light:

For various reasons it is a good idea to make sure you have not stuffed your belly with your favourite curry or any hard to digest food. If you are bloated, you have chances of getting sick on the plane and probably even at higher risk of getting if you are travelling by road. Plan right and eat light, something powerful enough that can retain your energy, for instance you can eat some nuts and dry fruit or treat yourself with some healthy protein shake that can get you going for several hours.

Food At Airport Or In The Plane:

If you have left straight from your office or did not have a chance to pack something fresh and healthy to eat on the journey, don’t worry you will still have abundance of choice at Airport, but most of it might well be something that can be rich in sodium and not easy to digest. You can try buying some fresh fruit or pick a nice restaurant at airport where you can order salad or fruit platter, if nothing of that sort is available go for anything that is rich in fiber and keep you going between the meals.


Do not skip on your breakfast meals when you have arrived at your destination – if you are staying at a hotel you will likely have breakfast included in the package, normally they have buffet style breakfast menu in their restaurants and you should ideally pick something that can go easy on your stomach. It is a good idea to stick to your regular dietary plan and eat something which you normally eat everyday in the morning, otherwise treat yourself with some fresh local fruits, get a poached egg to avoid all that extra fat and ask waiter for oatmeal.

Avoid Processed Food:

Throughout your trip or even during the business meetings and conferences avoid processed food, such as salted crisps, sugary and concentrated fruity drinks, hard food or anything that has artificial sweeteners or chemicals in it. During the day you might have temptation for snacks or food that you should not really be eating as your body is still adjusting itself to new conditions.

However, if you really wish to satisfy your itch and treat yourself with some scrumptious local food, make sure you check out for nearby restaurants and their menus online as well as read reviews about local restaurants and make sure that hygiene and quality standards are met. Speaking from personal experience, on one instance while I was in Pakistan Last year, I had great experience dining out at some of the restaurants in Islamabad and Lahore, but I made sure I do not bloat myself and end up getting sick right before my meetings.

Staying Hydrated:

One tip that can keep you going for long while performing all the hectic schedules is staying hydrated, I cannot emphasis enough on the importance of staying hydrated. Drink a lot of water, even when at a restaurants or in the meeting, ask for sparkling and bottled water instead of soft drink. Drink plenty of water and coffee, it can help you stay fresh and alert throughout the day.

Avoid Alcohol:

It can get very tempting to drink all the free booze that you can during company dinners, but it is best to avoid calorie rich wines, beers, cocktails and margaritas, instead your drinks of the night should ideally be fresh juices and water, but if you really want to enjoy a drink or two make sure you don’t go over the limit and end up puking all over the place, drink sensibly and mix your drinks with water.

Type Of Food:

While on the company dinner or dine out at your hotel’s luxury restaurant, you will have a wide variety of cuisines, however, you should ideally pick something that your stomach is used to off and can digest easily. Some of the food that can go well with your belly could be, soups, grilled meat, poached eggs or anything that is baked and steamed well. You can also go for wide variety of salads.

Work Outs:

During my recent trips to Istanbul and Pakistan, where I did not have luxury of ‘paid for’ local transport I had to walk a lot and use public transport, it was all very hectic, but thanks to my regular work out routines that I had enough stamina to bear all the stress on my mind and body. Working out can condition your body for any kind of adverse atmosphere and situations, even if you are not eating right, but if you work out you will be able to have higher metabolism that can help ease the digestion process.

Final Words:

I hope you manage to stay fit throughout your business trip, don’t go too hard on yourself and take things easy and once you are done with your meetings and have successfully nailed that project your company has been eyeing upon for a while, treat yourself by visiting famous tourist spots and local cuisines, during my recent trips to Dubai, Pakistan, Istanbul, and London, I came across really nice places that I can recommend, for instances in Dubai you should definitely go for dessert safari, in Istanbul blue mosque is breath taking, in Pakistan you can go to Muree or have fine dine at MM Alam road Lahore, you can further check cool tourist places at, in London Big Ben, Madame Tussauds, and London Dungeon are some of the places that really tickled me.