relaxation tips2014 is next week and while this is typically time for days off, sleeping in and eggnog overload, it is never as relaxing as it should be. Seeing family and friends, cooking, cleaning, traveling, decorating our homes and taking care of our kids are just a few of the ways we spend our time this busy season.

The good news is there are many ways to relax this time of year (you just have to find them). Here’s what I do.

Play Games

Yes, paying attention to nothing but mind-numbing games, from Candy Crush to Monopoly to Grand Theft Auto 5, is a break from everyday stresses. I download a few on my iPad every month or so and I recently got a Playstation 3 for hours of great, de-stressing fun.

Get Outside

Spending time outside and enjoying the fresh air is a great way to relax. I like to go for a walk around the neighborhood, take a hike or find somewhere to go sledding. No matter if you live in a cold or warm climate, you can (and should) get out of your house.

Take Pictures

With friends and family all around, now is the time to take pictures of the new memories you’re creating. But that’s not where it ends. Take an hour to walk around taking pictures. My husband loves to do this with his professional camera, but I have just as much fun using Instagram and my iPhone. It’s relaxing to focus on nothing but the subject in front of you.

Spa (at home)

I can’t always afford a day at the spa, but it’s easy to replicate the experience at home. I get the sample and small-size spa products at CVS or online. Then, I grab an hour to dedicate to a bath or a mini facial. This is a break that’s good for your brain and your skin.

Act Like a Toddler

When I play with my toddler, I think about nothing but him and the next silly face I’ll make or the next turn I’ll take as we run around the house. We have a giant tunnel (featured above) that we crawl around in for hours. I think I burn more calories in that thing (and laughing about it) than anything else.


I love suiting up for a run in the mornings to kick off my day. When you exercise, it’s hard to focus on anything else, so your stressful thoughts disappear. Afterward, you’ll enjoy the relaxing feeling of your warm, stretched muscles.


I always say that blogging is a great way to relax and share your ideas and thoughts. It lets you be creative in a way that you control. Find time to write in a journal or blog. There’s plenty to write about with all the new memories you’re making this holiday season.

What other ways do you relax? Share your thoughts and hope you have a happy and healthy new year.