They say that too much of something is a bad thing, which is also true when it comes to work. Thinking about office concerns while having a warm cup of tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon or working on a presentation when everyone is having a great time at your friend’s party doesn’t sound fun, right? You have to maintain your life outside work while doing your best in your career.

To be genuinely happy and contented, you have to balance the aspects of your life. Here are six ways on how you can maintain and equilibrium between your personal life and work:

1. Leave the office on time

There’s a reason why office hours are scheduled from 9-5. Work should begin and end at a specific time to let you go and enjoy your life outside the confines of the workplace. Manage your time well and finish everything you have to do in the office.

It is recommended that you don’t bring home any office work. What stays in the office should stay there. If you can’t finish work in the specified time given, you may need to improve your time management skills or ask the help of your boss or colleague on how to accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

2. Prioritize hanging out with family and friends

Keeping a solid team is essential to a company’s growth, but you should also detach yourself from them from time to time. There are more important people outside the workplace and you should allot your personal time for them. If your officemates are planning a night out on the same day your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary, attend the latter.

Prioritize people from outside work because you already spend too much time with your coworkers. Eight hours for 5 days is already enough to develop a friendly, professional bond with your colleagues and the remaining hours of the day should be devoted to your family and friends.

3. Maximize your time at home

If you have 24 hours a day, 8 hours is spent in the office, 8 hours for sleep, and 2 hours for your morning routine, then only 6 hours is actually spent on human interaction and on your interests. Those hours are precious so you should spend it wisely. Have dinner with people you love, catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, or bond with your family at home.

These six short hours should also be allotted for doing the things you like. Play your favorite sport, write about your journey home, or whip up a delicious meal. Make sure that you are able to do the things you like after a long, stressful day.

4. In-between work, do something you like

When you are already burned out with your daily assignments, de-stress by reminding yourself of the good things in life. Listen to music that relaxes your mind or sets you in a happy mood. Watch a funny video on YouTube or play games on your phone.

Becoming a robot is the last thing you want. Get in touch with your human side and indulge in the little things that will get your mind off things.

5. Turn off all distractions during vacations

Everybody needs a break from work, and when you are given an opportunity to have a vacation, do not do anything related to your job. Think of it as a total retreat from all worries, pressure, and stress. Spending time on office concerns defeats the purpose of taking a vacation.

Switch off your phone or simply do not reply to messages regarding work. Get back to them after your rest day/s. Turn off all distractions that may remind you of the things you still have to do. Enjoy your present state and think about work next time.

6. Eat real food

When you are always in a hurry, you tend to rush eating and sacrifice the time dedicated for having a hearty meal to do work instead. Do not compromise your health and eat real food. Try skipping fast food even if it’s convenient and do not buy food just for sustenance.

Eat like you deserve it for all the hard work you have done. Satisfy your cravings, consume your meal slowly, and enjoy your lunch as if it’s a luxury.

It’s good to work hard, but working too hard can be counterproductive.  Make sure you do these tips for a healthy balance between work and life. Did these tips work for you? Share your story with us!