With the end of my semester soon approaching, the stress level in my life always seems to increase, so I thought it would be best to write down a couple of ways to reduce stress. Everyone deals with stress in their life and learns how to cope with it, but here are 5 ways that I found help me relax the most.

1. Breathing

One of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce stress is breathing. When stressful moments occur try some different breathing techniques, it might be all you need to clear your head and keep calm

2. Music

If you know a stressful week is coming your way, make a playlist for various moods. Put together songs that you know relax you, or ones that give you the energy you need to get your work done. Listening to music that puts you in a good mood can make all the difference and gives your mind a moment to focus on something other than stress

3. Drink Tea

Instead of drinking coffee or an energy drink for an extra boost, choose green tea. Green tea has been known to relax and lower stress levels unlike coffee which can actually increase your stress and cause you to become more emotional.

4. Nap

Sleep should be a priority in everyones life, but during busy times it can be one of the last things on your list. Try taking an afternoon nap to give yourself some much needed relaxation and after you’ll feel refreshed and ready to get your work done.

5. Exercise

It can be hard to fit in a work out during stressful times but as most people have heard exercise gives you endorphins and energy. Even if you just take a walk around the block, getting up and moving gives you a nice break after sitting at a desk for numerous hours.

These are just a few of the ways that you can reduce the stress in your life. What are some ways that help you cope with stressful situations?