The media seem to have an endless stream of stories regarding celebrities and the like being admitted to rehab. Every time a celebrity gets admitted to rehab the news channels can’t get enough of it and the story will nearly always makes the front page of the majority of newspapers.

Although this may make a good read for some, what it actually does is trivialize the process of being admitted to rehab. People become too caught up in what drug a celebrity was taking and how much of it they were consuming. There has never been a follow up story to educate and explain to the public what the signs were that indicated the person needed to attend a rehabilitation center.  Drugs are an extremely slippery slope, wether it be prescription pills or hard drugs like crack cocaine, addictions are serious and ned to be treated.

However, this article will correct that by detailing the 5 major signs that you need to go to drug rehab. If you are experiencing any of one of these signs, then it is advised that you seek help as soon as possible. The quicker you are admitted the sooner your journey to sobriety will begin.

Becoming More and More Reclusive

Becoming withdrawn from the world is a common symptom for people with a drug problem. If you are spending less and less time with friends and family, missing out on work or education and often can’t remember what you have been doing with your time, it is an indefinite sign that a drug addiction has reached such a level that help is needed. Other characteristics to watch out for are lack of motivation, depression and feelings of loneliness. If you have been taking a drug and are experiencing any one of these things then seek help at a drug rehabilitation center.

Getting Withdrawal Symptoms

If you don’t take a drug for a certain amount of time and begin to get withdrawal symptoms this is another sign that you need to attend drug rehab. This is because withdrawal symptoms indicate that your body has become dependent on a drug and cannot function correctly without out; in simple terms you are addicted to the drug. The only way to overcome this dependency is to seek help and drug rehabilitation will nearly always be your best option.

Building Up A Tolerance

If you have found that you are needing to take more and more of a drug it’s a clear sign that it has now become a serious problem. Building up a tolerance proves that you need to take large quantities of a drug, which brings with it a number of issues such as a higher chance of overdosing and severe strain being exerted on your body by the drug. If you have reached this stage then help should be sought immediately.

Decreased Appetite

Decreased appetite only becomes an issue when a drug is really being abused. A decrease in appetite occurs as your body gives priority to the drug over food. If you have begun to realise that you are missing out on meals more frequently and the thought of eating food is becoming alien to you then your drug addiction has reached a severe stage. If this is the case it is advised that you seek help.

Mood Swings

Drugs work by altering certain chemicals in your body. These chemicals then work to alter your mood. For example taking MDMA make users feel a sense of euphoria and love, whilst marijuana make users feel more relaxed. When drug use has reached a certain level these mood swings can affect people even when they have not taken the drug. If you are experiencing frequent mood swings when not on a drug it is a sign that you need to attend drug rehab.