We’re all human, so we all make mistakes. Some major and some repeatedly. If we want to get ahead in life, we can’t keep stumbling over the same obstacles again and again, repeating the same patterns or thinking the same thoughts. To take control of our future, we must take control of our present, take responsibility for ourselves and make the effort to improve our circumstances and our outlooks.

Those of us who have made attempts at self-improvement know that sometimes altering our attitudes and situations is easier said than done. Keeping our minds focused on the final result and maintaining the necessary drive to improve our stations requires inner determination. A little outside guidance can’t hurt, though. If you want to become a better you, let these blogs serve as inspiration.

#1-Four Hour Work Week

The blog of jack of all trades, and master of many, Tim Ferris, Four Hour Work Week spans the self-improvement gamut. Whether you want to improve your health, your productivity, your livelihood, your prowess in the kitchen or your emotional well-being, you can find a post for you. As far as Ferris’ expertise, it’s extensive. He’s a kickboxing champion, a breakdancer, an actor, and holds a Guinness world record for tango dancing.

#2-Zen Habits

As the name implies, Zen Habits attempts to help readers bring a measure of calm and peace to their hectic lives. Posts are written mainly by site creator Leo Babauta, a regular guy attempting to document the positive life changes he has made, but occasional guest posts round out the perspective. Posts cover a range of topics, from healthy eating and fitness to organization to the power of positive thinking.

#3-Positivity Blog

If your greatest downfall seems to be repetitive negativity, whether in your moods or in your thoughts, the Positivity Blog may provide the boost you need to get your mind on a more optimistic track. The positivity blog focuses on general, emotional self-improvement, highlighting topics such as self-doubt, goals, simplifying life, and priorities. Posts offer positive reinforcement and provide simple methods to elevate yourself out of a funk and into better spirits.

#4-Pick the Brain

Like Four Hour Work Week, Pick the Brain covers a multitude of topics that can help coach you through the process of becoming a better you. The blog touches on health, money and productivity, as well as more philosophical and psychological topics, such as happiness, motivation and self-esteem. Like the Positivity Blog, Pick the Brain’s posts are written in a highly-motivational style. It’s a good place to go when you need an emotional pick-me-up.

#5-Life Optimizer

Want to optimize your life to its highest level? That’s what Life Optimizer creator Donald Latumahina wants for you too. The basis for Life Optimizer is that people are living below their maximum potential and not accomplishing all that they can with their lives. Articles attempt to help readers shake up their bad habits to become healthier, more productive, happier and more fulfilled human beings.

Whatever it is that we want to be or accomplish in life, whatever major changes we would like to make within ourselves, we cannot find, fix or become those things online. What we can do, however, is allow the experiences, accomplishments and advice of others to inspire and encourage us on our own journeys to becoming our best selves.

By Ryan Avila – Content writer for www.usalarm.com.